August 16, 2011

Training Tuesday: Week 4

Last week, I talked about my commitment to training and how I didn't let my spur of the moment travel plans get in the way of my training. Well, I'm happy to say that this past week was no different.

Not only did I get in all of my planned workouts but when I woke up bright and early for my long run on Sunday to thunder, lightning and flash flooding, instead of postponing my workout, I headed to the gym and ran 13 long miles on the treadmill. And you know what? It felt good.

Now, I'm not about to start heading to the treadmill for all of my long runs but it felt good to be so committed to getting that run in that I didn't even think twice about the daunting task of being on a treadmill for over 2 hours.

When I was training for the Philadelphia Marathon, I don't think I ever went a week without missing a workout. This training cycle, I've gone 25 days without missing a single workout. Granted, it's been easy. I've been living at home without a job or a car to worry about and all the time of the world but it's exactly this that is going to help me when reality kicks in next week and I go back to work, move into my new apartment and get ready for classes to start. They say it takes 21-28 days for habits to stick. Well, this habit is one I won't be breaking any time soon. I know that life gets in the way sometimes but this August, I set a goal to not miss a single workout and so far, I'm doing pretty great at it.

I move into my new apartment Friday. I start my new job on Monday and go back to my internship next Thursday. Classes start in 3 weeks and so does the start of my thesis writing. But this semester, I've made a commitment to training and using training as my me time. So as I go into these last weeks of summer, let's see what training is going to look like:

MCM Training: Week 4
Total Mileage Last Week: 32
Missed Workouts: 0
Trouble Spots: Super tight hamstrings and sore calves
Planned Mileage This Week: 36

This Week's Training:

Monday: Rest Day (I did go swimming though, but it was easy swimming)
Tuesday: 5 miles easy (9:58/mile) with 5 strides
Wednesday: 6 mile hill workout
Thursday: 4 miles with 2 miles at Marathon Pace (8:46)
Friday: 6 miles easy (9:58/mile)
Saturday: 15 miles (9:58/mile)
Sunday: Rest Day

Goals for this week: STRENGTH TRAIN. I've had this as my goal for the last 2 weeks and haven't done any of it. That needs to change. (Shouldn't be too much of an issue once I move into my new place on Friday...which has a fully equipped gym in the basement)
Current annoyances: None. =)
Things to keep in mind: Strength training will make me a stronger runner.

That's the week ahead!  I usually take Thursdays as my Rest Day and run my long runs on Sunday but this weekend, The Pilot is coming to visit and I want to get it out of the way before he gets here so I'm hoping that running 5 days straight won't cause any problems.

Well, I'm off to Pittsburgh! Let me know how your training is going! And as always, you can follow my day to day training on Daily Mile or Twitter!

Question: Do you ever move around your training to accommodate plans? What's the longest "streak" you've ever gone on. How do you spend your rest days?


  1. i LOVE crossing out a scheduled workout day on my calendar. It feels good to be dedicated.

    Nice work!

  2. I used to always move my training around to accommodate plans. I guess I just figured that it was "life"! You are rocking it, lady! Keep up the good work!

  3. I love your blog! I am actually doing a 24 before 24 list on my blog right now and doing the AFI top 100 list of movies!


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