August 15, 2011

Love/Don't Love

1. I woke up to thunder, lightning, torrential downpours and massive flooding yesterday which left me running 13 miles on a treadmill at the LA Fitness I happened to find a free 7 day guest pass for online. 13 miles. On a treadmill. I finished it feeling super badass. It helped, that I had "Eye of the Tiger" on repeat for the first 5 miles while the TV in front of my treadmill showed replays of the start and finish lines of the NYC, Boston and London Marathons from past years. Love.
2. I also ran my 13 miles in my brand new shoes courtesy of Jack Rabbit Sports. Don't worry, it wasn't my first run in them. I took them for an easy 4-miler on Saturday and chased them down with 13 on the treadmill on Sunday and I am happy to say that after 4 years of running in Nikes, these New Balances have stolen my heart. MCM? Meet your match. Love.

3. I did not go to the Kenny Chesney concert on Saturday and am super bummed. Reason number 4,057,276 why I need to leave New York: not enough country music lovers. Don't Love.
4. The Pilot is coming home this weekend! He will be extremely tired. I will be extremely bouncy. Love.
5. After yesterday's 13-miler, I came home and had a beer. And an enormous bowl of pasta. I deserved it. Love.
6. My Blackberry has died for the 400th time this year. I am not happy. Dear Verizon losers, please just replace my phone already. Don't Love.
7. I'm moving into my new apartment on Friday! I'm excited to have my own apartment again, live in dangerously close proximity to the Trader Joe's wine shop, and have an elevator for the first time ever. Love.
8. Mom and I are taking a little road trip to Pittsburgh tomorrow to fuel my love of baseball and pay a visit to the Pirates Stadium. Love.

9. Lately I have realized that I am not getting enough support up top on my runs. This was particularly evident on yesterday's 2 hour treadmill ride. Ladies, please recommend a high impact sports bra because waking up post long run having boobs that are more sore than your legs is really not ok. Don't Love.
10. Mom and I went and saw 'The Help' this weekend. Oh my God, it was incredible. I loved everything about it. I also took my 5-year-old niece to see 'The Smurfs' last week and it was amazing. Love.
11. I'm on Twitter. I'm don't think I like it. We'll see. Don't Love.
12. It's Monday and today is a running rest day. I think I'm going to go for a swim. Love.

That's all for today!
Please, please, please recommend sports bras! I'm getting desperate!
Did you see any movies this weekend? 
What have you got planned for the week?


  1. I wear the Nike Pro sports bras - and have for years - and I never have the achy boobs. And I've got a lot of boobs to ache.

  2. Next time you are in Houston, we meet for happy hour at a country bar. Yes???

    I also haaate my BlackBerry. It always freezes and there's a delay in receiving e-mails. I want an iPhone but I'm not due for an upgrade until June 2012. I don't think I can wait that long!

    Are you in an NYU dorm, or a regular apartment? My twin sis went to NYU and lived in Union Square during her last two years. I was always so jealous of the proximity to TJs.

  3. Love the list! I can't wait to see the Help this week with my mom & sister! I am a country music lover- you so shouldve gone to the concert!

  4. Have you looked at the sports bras from Title NIne? They rate all theirs for support.

  5. I love my Champion Double Dry Seamless Sports Bras. I am not sure if they are the most supportive tho...just really comfortable. My friend who needs a little more support loves some of the ones at lululemon..but they are a bit pricey...

  6. Sounds like a lot of good things are happening right now for you! :)

  7. I'm glad to hear that The Help was so good! I started reading the book over the weekend and I'm trying hard to finish it so I can see the movie this coming weekend.

  8. Great site! Found it for the first time tonight! Looking forward to reading more.

  9. Under armor sports bras. LOVE! I am small chested. My sister is not, so she needed MAJOR support. One day, I borrowed her under armor sports bra....and fell in love. And that's the end of that. Check 'em out!

  10. Ooo... don't love the not enough country lovers in New York thing. Do you have at least one good country radio station? I hope so.


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