February 1, 2011

January Recap

Good morning everyone! It is a gloomy day in New York City and we're expecting yet another major snowstorm tonight! Last night, I went for a run with my new running club again and it was wonderful! It was one of the best runs I've gone on in a long time! So, Happy February! I have a lot planned for this short month including 2 weekend getaways, a 4 mile race at the end of the month and a lot more of checking things off my list! But, you'll learn all about that as the month goes by won't you? For those of you who are new to 25 Before 25 (hi! and welcome!), each month I write up a recap of how I'm doing in terms of making progress on my list! That said, January was a great month. I spent most of it soaking up the sun in sunny Florida with The Pilot and then getting busy rushing back into the New York minute that is my life.

In January, I:
  • Started training for a 3rd half-marathon (which will definitely lead to a 2nd marathon!)
  • Started reading the Bible with a One Year through the Bible plan and have finished 2 (out of 66) books: Genesis and Exodus. 
  • Have continued to keep up with my blog and making new blog friends every day!
  • Started my second semester of my Master's program!
  • Read 2 new books off The Book List.
  • Watched 1 new movie off The Movie List.
  • Cooked 4 new recipes out of my Real Girls Eat.
  • Started watching Spanish telenovelas to practice my Spanish and gain more confidence in speaking it!
It was a very productive month and I'm excited for what February has in store! Have a great day everyone!


  1. I'm working on my Spanish too. I'm taking Spanish 4 this year and my teacher is pretty tough. I'm getting ready for my AP test and have started recruiting friends who speak the language to talk to me over the phone. Hopefully that helps me study!

    Glad to hear you're doing so well! Keep up the great work! Can't wait to read about your half marathon! Happy February!

  2. So far, what has been your favorite movie from your movie list?

  3. Sounds like you made great progress in January! Good luck for February.

    Love your blog, it was actually the first blog I ever read...and got me addicted to reading blogs, and inspired me to start my own. :)

  4. Hey! I found your blog through mingle monday! Just wanted to say hello from your newest follower! Glad I found you!

  5. You are doing a Great job on your list! Keep up the good work!

  6. Good job on getting things done from your lists! February sounds like a fun month for you. Enjoy!

  7. Found you through Mingle Monday- I actually haven't done it a few weeks, but I am happy that I found your blog today! I also have a "Day Zero" blog, check it out if you'd like and my main blog is my cooking blog. I'll be following you - I am excited to see what is next. Good January!


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