February 7, 2011

love/don't love

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

[1] I had a great weekend! One of my New Year's Resolutions was to not spend every waking minute locked in my room studying and to actually go out more and I've been pretty good about that this semester! One of my roommates from college came over and we went out and had a great night. Love.
[2] I am home sick today. Don't Love.
[3] Yesterday, it was kind of warm...by warm, I mean 45 degrees (sad that I consider that warm) and I went for a beautiful run along the Hudson. I don't think I've ever seen so many runners, not even in Central Park! It was amazing! Love.

[4] I found a hole in my brand new running jacket. By brand new, I mean I've run with it like 4 times. I don't know if it was there when I bought it and I just noticed it or what, but I'm super sad about it. Don't Love.
[5] I am going to Florida on Saturday! Love.
[6] Blogger isn't letting me upload any pictures today. Don't Love.
[7] I am anxiously awaiting an e-mail from my professor which will let me know my international field placement for the summer and I can't wait to find out and tell you all where it is! Love.

That's about it...Blogger won't let me upload any pictures and I'm not really feeling well so I'm going to back to sleep. I hope you all have a fantastic afternoon and a wonderful week!


  1. take back the jacket! i also had a bad ass warm run yesterday. hopefully it will be nice weather when you're here too!

  2. Hey Christy!... Glad you enjoyed your weekend and can't wait to here about your field placement!

  3. I love you love/don't love lists! Visiting from Mingle Monday.
    Chas @ A Woman's Haven

  4. Hi there! I love the idea behind your blog! I'm visiting from Mingle Monday. I just "followed" you! I look forward to reading about you meeting your goals! I love setting goals.

  5. You are gorgeous, and I loved reading your list! Blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures earlier either, your not the only one:-( Boo Blogger!

    Will definitely be back, good luck on your goals!

  6. hope you feel better! and props to you for not getting bogged down with studying!

  7. So jealous that you get to be in Florida. I live in Minnesota and is is freezing here today. Florida at this point sounds like a tropical paradise. Have a good time!

  8. keep us updated on your placement!! and seriously that makes me so upset when I have brand new clothes with holes/tears in them!!!

  9. hope you are feeling better! enjoy the "heat wave" lol :)


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