March 19, 2010

The sun's out! The sun's out! (Updated 3.22)

So I've been MIA for the past couple of days! Sorry about that! Things have been a little busy between work, St. Patrick's Day and having The Pilot in town! But I'm back!

St. Patrick's Day was a blast, everything turned out fantastic!

My Feast! We had Spinach Ravioli, Guinness Cupcakes and Irish Soda Bread!

In the mean time, I can't really decide whether or not I've slacked on my Marathon training this week. Here was the plan, as I outlined on Friday and here's how I've done:

Week 2
Monday: Rest Day! Stretch for 10-15 minutes so that I'm not stiff for tomorrow.
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Wednesday: 20-30 minutes of non-impact cardio
Thursday: 2 mile run (add incline)
Friday: 20-30 minutes of non-impact cardio
Saturday: 2 mile run (add incline)
Sunday: 3 mile run

I skipped stretching on Monday because I was feeling fine. Wednesday, I was running around so much that I didn't have time to get to the gym, but I had a brisk 20 minute walk from Trader Joe's home and definitely broke out a sweat in the kitchen, so that may count! I didn't add incline to my run on Thursday because it was so beautiful out that I had to run outside. I did run over a bridge which involved some incline but not what I would have liked. But with the gorgeous weather this weekend (76 tomorrow!), it won't be possible to not run!

Now, on the other list note, I started reading "A Passage to India" by E.M. Forster today, which is #38 on The Book List.

I'm also watching Pulp Fiction right now and, while I had marked that I had seen it, I'm realizing that I have no idea what's going on. And I think that I've just seen the same bits and pieces of it so many times, that I haven't actually seen it all the way through! So we'll have to amend that on the list!

Well, for those of you in the northeast part of the US, enjoy the beautiful weather and I'll post again soon!

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  1. Just found your blog via 20sb! the list is a great idea (I have a life list that I just started working on, on my blog...mine involves a lot of cheese!).

    Good luck with your marathon training! Eek.


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