March 22, 2010

Good Food. Good Friends. Good Times. Good Tunes. (And Week 3)

This weekend was great. While I am exhausted, it was a weekend filled with all of the above plus fantastic weather!

I'm also VERY excited to report on some updates to The List! Aside from starting one of the books on The Book List , I had a GREAT 2 mile run on Saturday outside that was full of hills! It was TOUGH but it was a great run! I skipped my Sunday run because of time, but am really going try to squeeze it in today! Not that I have much going on, but I'm exhausted!

Also, I watched #16 on The Movie List: Fight Club. Now, I had read a few books by Chuck Palahniuk before, and liked all of them but never got around to seeing Fight Club until Friday night. I absolutely LOVED it. I thought it was SUCH a great film, very well done and it was about something completely different than I thought it was! I think I had some image of Million Dollar Baby (which I haven't seen) in my head minus Hillary Swank + Brad Pitt for some reason! Nonetheless, it was a great film and I am pleased to have crossed it off my list!

I'll let you all know when I finish "Passage to India" on The Book List and post my thoughts/opinions on it!

That being said, here's the Marathon/Half-Marathon Training Plan for  Week 3!

Monday: 3 mile run
Tuesday: 3.5 mile run
Wednesday: 20-30 minutes of non-impact cardio
Thursday: 2 mile run
Friday: 20-30 minutes of non-impact cardio
Saturday: 2 mile run
Sunday: 4 mile run

I'll keep my 3 mile playlist from last week for today's run and create a 4 mile playlist for Tuesday's and Sunday's runs which I'll post tomorrow!

And on another note, I got another award! This one was from Stacy at Stacy Says. Definitely check out her blog!

I'm supposed to list 10 things about myself with this and then pass it on, but since I'm not a fan of long posts, I'll save that for my next post!

Until then!


  1. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog. i love the concept behind yours! 25 before 25 is such an awesome idea!

    i'm going to follow you! :)

  2. hey! i am so glad you found your way to my blog, i am loving yours! i really like the whole 25 before 25 idea! i def look forward to reading more!

    love the blog girl :))


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