March 16, 2010

Getting ready for St. Patty's!

Long day! I woke up this morning to go for an early run and realized (after I'd gotten half way to the gym via T) that The Pilot (my handsome boyfriend) had my keys (and gym pass) and work ID, so I had to go back. At that point, I realized my morning workout would have to be skipped, bummer!

Easy day at work though so after meeting The Pilot for lunch, I went to the gym for my 3 miles. Had a great run and am looking forward to adding inclines to my next two runs and my next 3-miler on Sunday!

My 3-mile playlist was:
"Any Way You Want It" - Journey
"Boom Boom Pow" - Black Eyed Peas
"Five Minutes to Midnight" - Boys Like Girls
"Good Girls Go Bad" - Cobra Starship
"Live Like We're Dying" - Kris Allen
"Beer in Mexico" - Kenny Chesney
"Don't Stop Believing" - Journey
"Down" - Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne

I'm not too sure on the order since my iPod shuffled it, but I think that was it!

I snuck out of work early with The Pilot to go pick up my St. Patty's Day shirt that I was having custom made and then we went to the movies and saw "She's Out of Your League" which was hilarious!

Then we went for ice cream and a little grocery shopping and now I'm making chocolate stout cupcakes and Irish soda bread in preparation for tomorrow!

I'll post recipes and pictures tomorrow!


  1. I hope you have a great st. Patrick's day! And you're looking forward to the inclines next Sunday??? I wish that was my attitude.. :)

  2. Haha thanks! By looking forward, I mean looking forward to getting them over with! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. I'm excited to see your cupcakes!

  4. Great blog love! And I adore the layout.. Might I suggest "Grace Kelly" by Mika. I get so pumped up running to that song. And I love rowing to Kris Allen "Live like we're dying" so good!


    Hannah Katy

  5. just stumbled across your blog. Great idea! I love making to do lists too. Hope you get it all done!

  6. Wow! Irish soda bread and everything? Look at YOU! I wish I was more into the whole "obscure holiday" thing. I DID in fact wear green today, but that about sums up my festivity. Am I boring? Good luck with the inclines. They always kick my butt!

  7. I left you something on my blog!

  8. loving the playlist! I ran a half-marathon last summer (which is ridiculously good for me, since before that my MAXIMUM was about 3 miles)

    I totally need some Journey for a good workout, and 'down' by Jay Sean is one of my favorite songs. I like to mix it up with random old rock, country, hard core rap, and some dance stuff too, so I understand the randomness of your songs!! keep up the good work! You'll amaze yourself!


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