The List

1. Run a marathon.
2. Finish my college scrapbook.
3. Complete a triathlon.
4. Become financially self sufficient.
5. Read the Bible.
6. Go to India.
7. Start and keep a blog.
8. Get my Masters.
9. Visit every Major League Baseball stadium in the US and Canada.
10. Go to a music festival.
11. Learn to speak French.
12. Go swimming with the dolphins.
13. Watch every episode of The Office.
14. Read half of the books on the BBC's Top 100 Books List.
15. Watch at least 50 of the Top 100 Films from the IMDB Top 100 List.
16. Build a sand castle.
17. Cook every recipe in at least one of my cookbooks.
18. Go horseback riding.
19. Go on a trip by myself.
20. Read a book in Spanish.
21. Pay off my credit card.
22. Take a photography class.
23. Make a travel map of all the places I've been.
24. Be more confident about speaking Spanish.
25. Do everything on this list!


  1. Great list! My own one is here

    So far in my first year I have:

    Learned to fly a helicopter
    Been Zorbing
    Learned Aerobatic Flying in a stunt plane
    flown through the grand Canyon in a Helicopter
    Visited Hoover Dam,
    Visited Thailand
    Done a Bungee Jump
    Rode on an Elephant
    Held a Monkey
    Floated Weightlessly in an Isolation Tank
    Taken My kids to Disneyland
    Ridden all of the rides at the Top of The Straosphere
    Visited Las Vegas
    Been Zip-lining from the Top of Red Mountain
    Hiked through the Valley of Fire

    I am only 6 months through my first year of the blog and am so glad I started it, as I think that making your list and committing to doing it is the best thing you can do!

  2. Brushing up on my Spanish is also on my bucket list! Bets of luck! :) xx


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