June 8, 2020

It's Fruit Week!

Hello friends! Welcome to Week 9 of The Great Social Distance Bake Off! This is our 2nd to last week! I honestly thought that when I decided this little challenge would last for 10 weeks, that I would be back at work, Aurora would be back in daycare, and things would be a little bit more calm but that's far from our reality right now. I still have no idea when I'll be back to work (definitely not this summer) or when Aurora's daycare will reopen.

So, while I'll certainly keep baking, I'll be bringing this little challenge to a close after next week.

This week is Fruit Week! It's summer and the best fruits are in season! 

Your signature challenge is to bake anything with two different types of fruit. I chose a Kiwi Lime pie, taking fresh kiwis and throwing them on top of a perfectly baked key lime pie (I've never actually seen key limes in a grocery store).

Your technical challenge is to put together any kind of fruit dessert that pairs with an herb! Are you going to make a mango cardamom sorbet? Or a peach tart with mint? Something with basil? I can't wait to see!

On your mark, get set, bake!

One thing to add: While I'm looking forward to things getting back to our pre-pandemic life, I want to meaningfully acknowledge that the normal we should return to should not be one in which systemic racism continues to perpetuate every fabric of our lives. Black lives matter. As a Latin American woman, I feel strongly that the current movement to dismantle systemic racism is one that is long overdue.

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