May 30, 2020

It's Neopolitan Week!

Hello friends! It's Week 9 of The Great Social Distance Bake Off!

I hope everyone is doing well. Here in DC and Maryland, our stay-at-home orders are being lifted. I'm not too sure what that means in terms of social distancing. I know I won't be going back to work anytime soon and we haven't heard anything about when daycare will reopen, so the bake-off and the staying-at-home continue.

This week is Neopolitan Week!

We're taking the traditional ice cream combination of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry and putting a spin on it!

Your signature challenge is to bake a treat using all three colors of the Neopolitan trio - brown, white, and pink.

Your technical challenge is to combine all three flavors into one dessert! If you don't like chocolate or have a strawberry allergy (or if you just can't find something), you can use two flavors but I want to see how creative you can get with all three!

At this point in the challenge, I'm using any and every excuse to make macarons, so I made Neapolitan macarons and I love how they came out! It took three attempts at making macarons but I finally got the color right! I used the recipe from Pies and Tacos - seriously, if you're attempting macarons, check out her site! She has not steered me wrong!

I'm getting very ambitious for my technical challenge this week. Wish me luck!

On your mark, get set, bake!

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