May 9, 2020

It's Bakery Week!

Hello friends! It's Week 5 of The Great Social Distance Bake Off!

Social distance-wise, this week has been tough. The Pilot is on an extended trip away for work and it's been a real struggle to not have a minute to myself for this long.

It also made this week's baking endeavor a lot more challenging, since I usually try to bake on days that he is home. It doesn't help that I took on a monumental baking challenge - homemade croissants! I started these on Tuesday evening and didn't actually bake them until this morning! (I could have baked them last night but I wanted them fresh out of the oven for breakfast.)

This week is Bakery Week!

For both bakes, you're to take on a homemade version of your favorite bakery treat. Your technical challenge is to make one of those bakes two different ways.

I chose croissants (recipe via Sally's Baking Addiction) and used the dough to make both plain croissants and pain au chocolate. And I'm seriously wondering why I've been eating stale bakery croissants chain bakeries for so long. Although, these are not a quick bake. They aren't incredibly work-intensive, they just take a lot of time. I really recommend the process!

Are you going to make donuts? Maybe fry one batch and bake the other. Or fill one and ice the other.  Or you could make croissants and make almond ones too! Since we're all social distancing and likely missing out on our favorite bakeries, this is a great way to bring the bakery home. I promise you won't regret how your house smells after this week's challenge!

If you're new to the Challenge, you can still join in! Check back to my original post here for the rules. As always, don't forget to tag me in your bakes @christyrunsdc with the hashtag #thegreatsocialdistancebakeoff.

On your mark, get set, bake!

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