November 3, 2017

London Calling

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about London. I took my first trip there when I was 16, studied abroad there in college, and have been back a few times but this time, it's been five years since my last visit to London (unless you count the 24 hours I spent there in 2015 on a long layover en route to Lisbon). 

If cities could be soul mates, London is mine. I love DC and I say that I never want to leave, but I would pack up everything and leave my life in DC behind for a chance to live in London again.

Next week, The Pilot and I are headed to the UK because, quite frankly, my heart can't take another day without London in it. I'm so excited for this trip, I can't even explain it. It feels like I'm going home. 

This will only be The Pilot's second trip to London, so my agenda for this trip is filled with things I want him to see, things he wants to see, and things that somehow I've never gotten around to in all of the time I've spent in London!

Here's a few things we have in mind: 
  • Camden Market - This is one of my favorite markets in London and The Pilot hasn't been there. Camden is such a cool area of London that I think is a must for anyone to see!
  • Tower of London - I took a tour of the Tower on my first trip to London before I ever read a Philippa Gregory book. Her books are a huge guilty pleasure of mine and I loved The White Queen series! I haven't watched The White Princess yet but I want to go back to the Tower now that I have more of an idea of the history of the Tower!
  • Harry Potter Studio Tour - Obviously. 
  • Afternoon Tea - Likely at Claridge's. The Pilot loves drinking tea and we've both gotten a little obsessed with the BBC show "Inside Claridge's." It's the most famous spot in London for afternoon tea and I've never gone, so I think we'll make it happen!
  • Drinks at the Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery - These are two of my favorite places to get drinks in London. Both have phenomenal views (of the Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's, and Trafalgar Square, respectively) and are great to stop in for a toddie on a cold day!
  • Drinks at Gordon's Wine Bar - It's London's oldest wine bar and it's basically a cave. Sounds like a perfect place for a nightcap!
  • The London Design Museum or the London Tube Museum - Both are fun, eclectic museums that I've never gotten around to checking out!
I'd also love to do one of these walks from Notting Hill to the Tower of London. We're staying in Notting Hill so weather permitting, it will be a nice way to get through the city!

We only have 5 days in London. If I had it my way, we'd have a month (one day!) and I definitely want this to feel like a vacation, rather than a to-do list, but wandering the markets, drinking tea, and having drinks definitely fit into that relaxing/vacation mode. I don't want to do too much sightseeing because I've done most of that but we really just want to go to London and integrate with the city again, feeling just for a minute like I live there again!

What are your favorite things to do in London? What should we add to this list?

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