November 28, 2016

Coffee Date: November Edition

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I ended up in a food coma from way too many side dishes, but it was well worth it. 

I'm starting my morning with a strong cup of coffee and an omelet with sweet potatoes and kale (which I roasted and sauteed for dinner last night). I've got a busy week ahead, and an even busier month, and I'm going to need all the sustenance I can get!

If you were joining me for this coffee date, here's what I'd fill you in on. 

I went to the new National Museum of African American History and Culture on Thanksgiving Day with my mom and The Pilot. We got really lucky and were able to walk in without standing in line. I actually booked tickets about three months ago for this Thursday but my mom really wanted to try to get in, so I was able to give my tickets to some friends. 

The Museum is spectacular and easily ties the Newseum as my favorite museum in DC. The exhibits were harrowing, emotional, and evocative, and I can't wait to go back and really spend a full day exploring, rather than a few hours.

I haven't run since the marathon. I ran a strong race in Philly and my legs were numb almost from the start. My knees and hips have been really achy ever since, so I decided to take the full week off. Today, I'm planning on using the elliptical or bike, doing some gentle cross training and yoga, and see how I feel. I'm not planning to start running for a few more days. I can't take too much time off because training for the Disney Princess Half starts later this month and I'm setting a bold goal to break my 3-year-old PR and try to go sub-1:50. 

I am totally buying my race photos this time around because they are awesome. 
Speaking of running, I'm determined to do a lot more of it next year. I'm already signed up for Disney and planning to run DC Rock 'n' Roll. I've got a spring 26.2 that I'm very, very seriously considering and I'd like to do the Pacers 5k Fridays series to try to break my 5k PR. If Philly taught me one thing, it's that I desperately miss racing. I haven't run a race distance less than 10 miles since 2013 and I really want to change that. 

I watched the Gilmore Girls revival this weekend. (No spoilers, don't worry.). After binge watching the entire series for the first time from May through July, I was interested to see what the revival would entail. Honestly, I was pretty bored for most of the series and felt like they tried way too hard to fill the space of 90 minutes for each episode. I enjoyed the end but think the rest of the series fell flat. 

On Friday, Carolann and I were supposed to host our book club link up. I had planned to say that we would postpone the link up until this coming Friday because of the holiday, but I guess I forgot! Carolann posted her review today, which you can read here, but I'm still working my way through the book and will get it up this week! If you're also still working through "The Pearl that Broke Its Shell," you've got time, the link up will be open through Monday. 

The Pilot and I are hoping to head out on one last getaway before the year is over...which means, I really need to finish posting about our trip to Australia! 

What would you tell me over coffee? How was your Thanksgiving? Is your Christmass tree up yet? What are you looking forward to through the rest of the year?

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