June 28, 2016

Weekly Workouts 25: A Reset

I didn't run once last week. I feel like this always happens when something throws off my training a bit. I didn't get my long run in the weekend I was in Des Moine and then, I got a sinus infection that I'm still recovering from.

I don't beat myself up when something throws a wrench in my training but it seems like every time that happens, an even bigger wrench gets thrown in and, here I am, two weeks since I've had a full, solid week of training.

I'm frustrated. I was doing really, really well with my training plan...better than I had since before I got hurt, and now, I feel like I need to start all over again. Being sick for almost two weeks as made me feel so out of shape. I feel like I've gained weight and lost fitness.

This week is a luckily a step back week for me so I'll be able to ease in. Here's my plan for getting back on track:

Monday: 2 miles easy
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday:  35 minutes easy
Thursday: Yoga or a long walk
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 7 mile run
Sunday: 30 minutes easy

If I can get through this week, I think I'll feel better about getting back into training. The race is 7 weeks away. I've always only trained for 8 weeks for a half, and I'm training for 14 weeks this time around to try and ease back into things. I'm hoping that these last two weeks aren't too much of a set back and I can jump right in.

We'll see! Wish me luck!
How's your training going?

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