June 27, 2016

A Weekend in New York City

Last weekend, Holly and I met up in New York for the weekend. Holly and I have been talking about taking a trip to a ballpark for almost a year now. Originally, we were going to head to Minneapolis for a weekend to visit a ballpark neither of us had been to, but after some thinking, I thought...I should take her to MY stadium! Almost as soon as Major League Baseball released their 2016 season schedule, Holly and I made plans to head to New York to catch a Mets game!

I flew to Philly on Wednesday night and took the train into New Jersey. My mom and I spent Thursday working from home together and then we had dinner with my nieces and cake at my aunt's for her birthday. I hadn't been home since Christmas and it was so good to see my family!

Friday morning, I hopped on a train in to New York and met Holly at Penn Station shortly after her flight landed.

We couldn't check into our hotel right away but we dropped our stuff off, grabbed some lunch and walked over to Central Park to eat and catch up. Once we got settled into our hotel, we went back to Central Park to wander around the South side of the park and then made our way into Queens to meet up with one of Holly's friends at a beer garden.

Once we left the beer garden, we made our way to CitiField. I organized a group of my closest friends who are Mets fans (and Carolann!), most of whom Holly met at our wedding and hit it off with, and we had a blast! The Mets lost...BOO...but Holly loved CitiField and I loved showing her around the Mets stadium!

After the game, I took Holly down to my old neighborhood to pay a visit to Artichoke, the best place in New York for a late night snack. It's basically a slice of pizza slathered in butter and drenched in spinach and artichoke sauce. It's heavenly and amazing and it was just as good as I remembered it!

Saturday morning, Holly and I made our way to Central Park for a run. I was fighting a miserable cold and Holly was fighting a lingering cough from a miserable cold she had had a week before, so we weren't in great shape, but I told Holly that I was determined for both of us to run a full loop of the park and that we would take walking breaks so that we could both make it, and make it we did!

There are only two things I miss about living in New York. Running in Central Park and Wafels and Dinges. Lucky for me, there's a waffle truck in Central Park now so as soon as we finished our run, we headed to the waffle truck for some delicious Belgian waffles slathered in cookie butter and topped with strawberries. We sat on a park bench listening to a sweet old man playing La Vie en Rose on some sort of instrument and it was the perfect end to our run.

We headed back to our hotel to freshen up and then made our way to Madison Square Park so that Holly could try Shake Shack for the first time. We both had the Shroom Burger (the only kind of burger I've ever eaten at Shake Shack) and then wandered around the West Village looking for ice cream.

After satisfying our fix, we headed back to the hotel to change and then made our way to Times Square to meet up with my mom to see Shuffle Along on Broadway.

The show was wonderful! Tap dancing, fun costumes, great singing...I loved it! The second half fell a little flat for me, but I definitely recommend this show. I absolutely adore tap dancing shows...some of my all-time favorites are Crazy For You, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Anything Goes, and this one didn't disappoint! They say tap dancing is a dying art, and I sincerely hope that isn't true!

Sunday was our last day in New York, but we had most of the afternoon to enjoy ourselves. We made our way downtown to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked a little ways onto the bridge before making our way across City Hall Park to the World Trade Center. When I was in grad school, my classes were held in the Woolworth Building across from the WTC. I graduated in 2012 and hadn't been back since, so the last time I was there, One World Trade was still an enormous construction site.

It was really nice to see how much the area has changed and how beautiful the memorials are. Holly and I spent some time reflecting and then slowly made our way back to our hotel to check out, grab a bite to eat, and be on our separate ways.

Holly and I had a blast and I'm so glad we were finally able to make this weekend happen! I loved showing Holly all around New York, especially as she crossed my team's stadium off her list!

At the same time,  it was so weird to be back. I hated living in New York and being back, I realized that I didn't miss it one bit. When I got to the airport to make my way home, I was so happy to be hopping on a plane back to DC, which is so much more my city than New York ever was.

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