June 1, 2016

May Recap

I was right! May finally did slow down for me and now that I'm finally starting to feel caught up on life and comments, I think I can get back to blogging regularly in June!

I couldn't have asked for a better end to the month! The Pilot and I took a trip to Maryland's Eastern Shore for one of my very best friend's weddings. It was a gorgeous wedding and Ally was a stunning bride. I had way too much fun on the dance floor with Ally and Sara and, of course, The Pilot. It was a great end to the month and a great kickoff to the summer!

Before we jump into that, here's a look at how the month of May went!

Update on Last Month's Challenges:
  • Actually training (Check!)
  • Wearing my Vivofit and counting steps on days I work from home (Check!)
  • Using ClassPass regularly (Check! I downgraded my plan to 5 classes per month to accommodate running more)
  • Post at least 3x per week (Nope. Last week was the only time I did this, but it's planned for June!)
The Month in Numbers: 

Miles Run: 38.7

Minutes of Yoga: 185

Spin Classes Taken: 1

Books Read: 2

  • "Mr. Churchill's Secretary" and "Why We Came to the City"

Trips Taken: 1 (This weekend's trip to the Eastern Shore)

New Recipes Made: 0 (This was a terrible month for meal planning)

Blog Posts Written: 8

30 Before 30 Items Completed: 1 (Kenny Chesney!)

Highlights: Finally seeing Kenny Chesney in concert

Lowlights: 21 days of rain

The Month Ahead:

Looking forward to: A visit from my little sister, a possible overnight with The Pilot, New York with Holly, Paris! SO MANY THINGS!

Challenges to take on:

  • Visit at least one new ballpark,
  • 60 oz of water/day (my recommended intake by Camelbak)
  • Start cooking my way through a cookbook
  • Read 8 books (SUPER ambitious, I know!)

So, there you go!
June should be a slow month too and I've got a lot to look forward to!
How did your May shape up? What are you looking forward to in June?

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