May 31, 2016

Weekly Workouts 21

Monday: 3 miles, easy. I got luck with this run. It down poured during my evening commute and stopped just before I started running. It was still drizzling, but I was happy to not run in the pouring rain. My legs were pretty tired from running all weekend, but it was a short enough run.

Tuesday: Rest. I was supposed to do yoga and I didn't. Part of it had to do with the fact that I worked until midnight, the other part had to do with the fact that my body was just exhausted. I could have taken 20 minutes to practice, but I needed a rest.

Wednesday: 3 miles with 6 30-second stride. This was tough. My office had gone to the Nationals game and while we sat in the shade, I was hot, tired, and dehydrated. I biked home from the ballpark, had some water with Nuun, and then headed out the door. It was hot, and if you know me, you know I don't mind running in the heat, but it had been 47 degrees just three mornings before. I definitely struggled with this run, but I was able to get in the pickups that I needed to and call it a day.

Thursday: 4-mile bike ride. Today was a cross-training day but The Pilot and I had evening plans, so I decided to turn our plans into a workout and we went for a 4ish mile ride on the new-to-me Metropolitan Branch Trail.

Friday: Lunchtime Vinyasa class. I mentioned last week that Fridays are typically my rest days, but since I skipped Tuesday's workout, I replaced today's Rest Day with a nice, easy flow.

Saturday: 2-mile run. Today was supposed to be my long run but I didn't wake up early enough to get in a 10k run before we had to head to the Eastern Shore for my friend Ally's wedding. I'm glad I skipped the long run though because I was exhausted and my legs felt heavy.

Sunday: 10k run. This was tough. I tried to run down the Mall, but it was closed for the Thunder Road motorcycle ride. The few parts of the Mall I could run on, I spent inhaling motorcycle fumes before I was finally able to look back and then I had to find miles to finish this. It wasn't that hot and the breeze was nice, but I always find it a mental challenge when you have to find miles to tack on to your run. I always thought that ride was on Memorial Day, so that was an unpleasant surprise!

Total Mileage: 14.2

A great week in the books! I moved things around but I still got all of my workouts in! 3 weeks down, 11 to go! This week is a step-back week which means nice, easy, short runs! Can't wait!

How's your training going?

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