May 24, 2016

Weekly Workouts 20

Another solid week of training in the books! I can't rave enough about how perfect this training plan is for me and where I am right now. It feels totally manageable with 2 yoga/cross-training days, 4 runs per week, and long runs that are building up slowly.

Here's a look at last week's training:

Monday: 3 easy miles

Tuesday: 40 minutes of at-home Yoga for Runners

Wednesday: 3 miles with 5 30-second strides with the Pilot

Thursday: At-home Power Yoga

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 cold, rainy miles on the National Mall, 2 of them with The Pilot.  

Sunday: 2 cold, rainy miles followed by a 75 minute Dharma yoga class.

Mileage Total: 13

Overall, I'm feeling great, 

I definitely think I need to shake up the training plan a little but though. I don't think Friday should be my rest day. With Friday as Rest, I'm running my long runs in the middle of 3 consecutive days. It's working right now but I don't think it will when I move up to the double digits, so I might switch Friday's Rest Days with Sunday's shakeout runs and keep my long runs on Saturdays. 

We'll see. For now, I'm just trying to check the boxes and keep getting everything in! I'm 2 weeks and have followed my training plan exactly, and so far, Week 3 is off to a great start!

2 weeks down, 12 to go!
How's your training going?

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