May 26, 2016


Feeling... on top of things.

Reading... "Why We Came to the City" by Kristopher Jansma. Carolann and I are linking up to discuss tomorrow for our book club! I may or may not be finished (eek!) but you should all join in!

Watching... Gilmore Girls. I just started Season 6 and I'm still obsessed. It rained in DC for a month straight so I watched A LOT of Gilmore Girls.

Listening to... Kenny Chesney all day every day.

Thinking about... how in the world I'm going to get my apartment clean after practically never leaving it for a month due to incessant rain and pretty awesome work-from-home flexibility.

Needing... a massage.

Wanting... to take a trip to the beach.

Excited... for Ally's wedding this weekend!!

Hoping... to get back to blogging (and reading) regularly. May hasn't been nearly as busy as April was and I think June might be pretty quiet. We'll see!

Loving... that after the worst month in DC history, it finally stopped raining! I don't even care that we went straight to mid-summer humidity. It isn't 47 and raining every day anymore!

What have you been up to?
Fill me in!

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