April 21, 2016


Feeling... jet lagged. Every time I go to the West Coast, without fail, it takes me at least a week to recover. 

Reading... "Animal Dreams" by Barbara Kingsolver. After two months of reading books that I haven't liked, I'm reverting to Barbara Kingsolver, who has never steered me wrong. I haven't read this one before and it's slow moving, but in a good way, like a lot of her other novels. 

Watching... Gilmore Girls. I don't know how I never watched this show, but I really love it! I just finished Season 2 and goodness, I love it!

Working on... well, I hadn't responded to a blog comment in almost three weeks and I did that last night. Hopefully, I can get back to posting regularly. April is about as busy for grant writers as it is for accountants and this month is definitely the busiest I've had. I worked until midnight on Tuesday!

Needing... to sleep in and recover from jet lag. 

Wanting... a nice, relaxing weekend. Unfortunately, I feel like this weekend I'll be too busy unpacking from my trip, cleaning, and catching up  but I'm hoping to spend at least an inappropriate amount of time on the couch binge-watching television.

Annoyed... at millennial bashing. People have always complained about "kids these days," but for some reason, the fact that we have a "title" and that millennial bashing is so public is infuriating. 

Excited... to be planning another trip to Paris this summer!

Hoping... to figure out what I'm doing with my running life soon. Spoiler alert plans have changed.

Loving... being home after a wonderful week in San Francisco and finally having spring weather!

No link-up this week, but what's on your list?

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