March 1, 2016

Weekly Workouts 9

Before I dive into today's post, I want to point out that TODAY I finished my 30-day yoga challenge! This challenge proved to me that strengthening my yoga practice is integral to becoming a better runner and I will definitely continue to practice regularly. After today, I'd like to get back into the studio with longer classes, maybe adding some heat. Practicing at home has been great and has allowed me to get really comfortable with poses that I normally would never try in a studio for fear of falling all over the place, but I'm ready to get back into the studio. I feel like that will help me truly grow my practice. 

Now, let's talk about last week!

It was cold and rainy and I wanted no part of it. Last week, a few of you made comments that I need to get myself a gym. Here's the problem. The nearest gyms to my apartment are 1-1.5 miles away and I don't have a car so in the time it would take me to run or bike to the gym (in the cold), I might as well just get in a run and the fact that that still requires me to get out in the cold to workout means it just isn't happening.

You guys, when it comes to the cold, I'm a total wimp. I embrace that fact. I hate the winter. I don't want to be outside when it's 7 degrees outside and I certainly don't want to be running outside when it's 7 degrees outside and the wind chill is below 0. 

I don't want to pay to join a gym near my office because I don't want to trek all the way there on the weekends. I know. I'm making a lot of excused and there's a very good chance that I'm going to pay for it and to be honest, that's what I get for signing up for an April Half when I swore that I wouldn't run a spring race because I didn't want to train through the winter. 

So, you already know where this was going. Last week was all yoga, all the time. Here's how it looked:

Monday: 20 minutes of yoga

Tuesday: 20 minutes of yoga

Wednesday: 25 minutes of yoga

Thursday: 15 minutes of yoga

Friday: 30 minutes of yoga

Saturday: 6 mile run, 30 minutes of yoga. I'm super proud of this run. I didn't really want to do more than 3 miles, but once I got to Mile 3, I just kept going because I felt good. 

Sunday: 4 mile run, 35 minutes of yoga. I should win something for both of these workouts. I did them AFTER spending my day at a vineyard drinking wine. Obviously, I wasn't drunk, but I was definitely sleepy. My knee was really bothering me in the last quarter mile of my run and started to worry me when I went to church afterwards and it hurt to transition from sitting to standing to kneeling (Hi, Catholic Mass) but the yoga practice was on the restorative side and seemed to work all of that out. By the end of practice, my knee felt fine and felt great all day yesterday.

Despite not running through the week, I actually got in the mileage I wanted to get in for the week and still managed to get in a decently inclined run in. The weather in DC is a lot nicer this week and it's staying light out a lot later, so that should motivate me to run. 

There you have it. 30-day yoga challenge = done! Now it's time to turn my full attention to running! 

How did your week shape up? 

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