February 18, 2016


Feeling... meh. I slipped on ice this weekend and landed really hard on my butt and hit my head. I'm still really sore and just haven't felt great this week as a result.

Reading... "Spark Joy" by Marie Kondo. I started this last week but never finished because I was reading "The Martian" at the same time. I really can't read more than one book at a time.

Watching... 11.22.63 I read (well, listened to) this right before moving to DC so the I don't remember a lot of the details but the Hulu miniseries premiered on Monday and The Pilot and watched the first episode last night. It's interesting but definitely isn't riveting, which is exactly how the book was.

Thinking about... half marathon training. The cold really through a wrench in my plans but I signed up for this race and I'm committed to it so I need to get serious.

Working on... decluttering. I'm not sure if I'm completely sold on the KonMarie method, but I definitely feel like it's getting me to think about things the right way. Or apartment only has one closet...total. No matter how hard I try, I always end up just piling my clothes on a chair because there just isn't space, but I might have figured out a solution.

... to update the travel page on my blog. It's one of the things on my February to do list.

Wanting... to unplug this weekend, to read a book or two, to get that pile of clothes out of the way once and for all, and to go for a nice, long run.

Annoyed... that my brand new computer crashed 4 days after I bought it. I'm talking blue screen of death, hours on the phone with tech support, and a lot of frustration before I had to buy another one. This new (new) one seems to be working great and is a much better computer.

Excited... about new opportunities.

Hoping... that the weather forecast for this weekend is accurate and that it's in the 60s. I could use some sunshine!

Loving... that so many of you have joined our book club! Carolann and I were totally blown away! In just one day, more than 30 people joined! If you're interested, there's still time...just make sure you vote on our first book!

This has been a really weird week for me and I'm ready for the weekend. I hope your week is going much better!
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