February 17, 2016

Beyond Words: A Bloggers' Book Club

When I wrote my post about how to start a successful book club, I got a lot of comments from some of you that lived in areas where you don't know a lot of people or just haven't had much luck with a book club.

More than a few people said that they would join an online book club and I immediately fired off an email to my good friend Carolann, suggesting that we start an online book club together!

Carolann and I have been friends since college. Shortly after I moved to Boston, she sent me a book that she had recently read and thought I would love. I read it, we Skyped to talk about it and so, our book club was born. We send each other books and then Skype to talk about them.  It's such an incredible way to maintain a long distance friendship and anytime I finish a book that I need to talk to someone about, I immediately send it to her!

Carolann and I are so excited to launch this book club together and I hope that all of you are just as excited as we are!

Here's how it will work:

1. We started a group on Goodreads. We wanted to do it through Goodreads so that anyone (including nonbloggers) can join.
2. Each month, we'll feature a poll by which you can vote on which book you want to read. This month, Carolann and I chose the books for the poll, but moving forward, anyone can suggest a book through the group and we'll launch the poll from those suggestions.
3. Polls will be open for 1 week, after which we'll announce the book with the most votes as our next read. 
4. You'll have one month to read the book. You don't have to blog about the book but if you do, we'll have a link-up at the end of each month where you can post about the book, books you've read lately, books on your to-read list, or anything else book related!
5. You can discuss the book on the Goodreads group as you're reading, but no spoilers! On the last Friday of the month, feel free to post anything about the book in the discussion area on Goodreads!

The Goodreads group is now live, so pop on over to see what we're voting on this month! If you're interested in joining, vote on this month's book and feel free to make a suggestion for next month! Voting ends on February 24th! You'll have until March 25th (the last Friday of the month) to read the book!

Love this idea? We'd love it if you shared this post! The more people discussing the book, the better!

As always, happy reading!

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