January 4, 2016

New Year's Weekend Adventures

Hi there friends!

Here we go, first Monday of the New Year. Is it just me or did this Monday come way too quickly?

I had a really great weekend. I took Thursday off from work which was a wonderful idea. I did some stuff around the house, worked on my new blog design and binge watched a new TV show.

For New Year's Eve, I went out with one of my friends from Junior League. We went to a Mexican restaurant that was cheap, delicious and not crowded. Perfect NYE night in my opinion!

Peyton woke me up bright and early on New Year's morning which gave me perfect time to eat breakfast and relax before heading to the Fresh Start 5k. I met up with Courtney at the race and we ran nice and easy together before heading to Ted's Bulletin for brunch. It was 10:30 in the morning but we both ordered grilled cheese and tomato soup and it was pefect!

After brunch, I headed back to my apartment to warm up wish some tea and a nap before meeting up with a friend for Happy Hour at Old Ebbitt. Old Ebbitt is where The Pilot and I got married and is one of my favorite restaurants in DC. Their Happy Hour is a seafood lovers' paradise and my friend and I devoured their half priced oysters and clams!

Saturday morning, I kicked off the day with a nice, easy at home yoga workout before heading to the grocery store and spending the day meal prepping for the week. I made a pit stop at Market Lunch for their famous Blueberry Buckwheat pancakes, which were just as amazing as they sound! I almost always do meal prep on Sundays, but it was nice to get it out of the way on Sunday! I posted this week's meal plan yesterday if you want to check it out! I pulled together some great recipes from other bloggers for that post!

{Left: Surf and Turf - the Turf and Right: Sweet Potato Noodles with Cashew Cream Sauce}
With meal planning behind me, I had an amazing Sunday! I did another at-home yoga workout before heading to the Renwick Gallery to check out their latest exhibit. It was really amazing! The Pilot and I wandered up to 14th Street afterward and had brunch at Draft Table. We strolled up and down 14th Street before heading home, hanging out with our landlords, and then making dinner.

At the Renwick. The tower behind us is made of index cards!
I had a great weekend. I feel great about 2016 and have a lot of exciting things going on this week! I hope you had just as awesome of a weekend and had a great start to your New Year!

PS: I launched a book challenge this weekend! It's totally manageable with only 15 books! Check it out and link up if you're interested!

PPS: This week's 'Currently...' post will be a link-up! If you're planning your blog posts and want to join in, check back Thursday morning!

{Linking up with Biana and Meghan for Weekending!}

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