January 30, 2016

February Instagram Challenge

I hinted a few days ago that I was starting an Instagram Challenge for the month of February, which happens to be my birthday month! I'm the last person in the world to embrace the "birthday month" mentality but I got excited about the fact that I'm turning 29 in a month where we'll have 29 days, and I thought an Instagram challenge would be fun.

I participated in Helene's Instagram Challenges last year and found a lot of fun, new Instagram accounts to follow, so I'm taking a page out of her book and launching my own! Here are the prompts:

I'm slightly terrified that no one will join, but hey, if it's just me, then so be it! Do one thing a day that scares you, right? I might just throw in a giveaway for anyone who completes the challenge!

So join in! It will be fun! Share the prompts on Instagram and use the hashtag #29infebruary.

Happy 'gramming!
Do you have a February birthday?
Will you join in the fun?

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