September 15, 2015

Love/Don't Love

It's been ages since I wrote one of these posts but since I slept until 12:30 yesterday  (hi jetlag!) and then rushed to a 2 hour PT app an hour away, I haven't exactly had time to pull anything together!

1. The Pilot and I spent 3 perfect days celebrating our anniversary in Hawaii with Carolann and her husband, Nick. We crammed almost everything from her One Week on Oahu blog post into three days and it was amazing! Love.

2. I woke up at 12:30 yesterday (hi jetlag!) and then rushed to a two hour PT/massage appointment that was an hour away. The good thing is that my PT was thrilled I took the weekend off from running (in favor of hiking) and thinks I should be in good shape to peak this week as originally planned, and then taper off. Love.
3. I came back from Hawaii to full blown fall in DC. It feels like this weekend should be Halloween. I hate it. Yes I know, perfect running weather and let that but when I have to put on a hoodie to walk the dog, I'm not happy. I'm not ready! Don't Love. 
4. I'm rereading the Miss Peregrine's series in preparation for the third and final installment, Library of Souls, that comes out next week. I read the first one from start to 30 pages shy of finishing on our connecting flight from LA to DC and am almost than half way into the 2nd already. Love these books! Love.
5. Peyton has terrible skin allergies and she's covered in hives right now (has been since before we left) and it breaks my heart. Sometimes she scratches so much, she cuts herself. Don't Love.

6. The Pilot and I landed Sunday, headed home to make ourselves pretty and say hi to Peyton and then headed right back out to dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill, where we had our wedding reception. It was so fun to celebrate and reminisce! Love.

That's all I've got for you. Until I pull together a Hawaii post (I promise it won't be two months from now!), you can check out my Instagram where I posted a few photos from our trip!

Happy Tuesday! What are you loving...or not loving...this morning?

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