September 10, 2015


Feeling... like it's Groundhog's Day. This week, I found myself back in PT after a few days of my knee feeling not quite right. I went in preemptively to work our any kinks but my PT was surprised that my knee hasn't completely flared up. I'll be in PT twice a week from now until Race Day to keep myself healthy and get to the start and finish likes at Chicago.

Looking at... this view. Peyton, I don't think we're in DC anymore.

Reading... "What I Talk about when I Talk about Running" by Haruki Murakami.

Watching... I'm still hung up on "Once Upon a Time" where Elsa and Anna just  appeared so that might get weird. I'm excited for fall TV to start back up and of course, college football.

Listening to... gets me through the work day. I still haven't jumped on the Spotify bandwagon.

Thinking about... I've had a lot on my mind lately but I'm hoping some time off and away changes that 

Working on... PT. Clam shells are hard. Clam shells while in side plank make me feel like my glutes are fighting to declare war against me.

Loving... that The Pilot got our anniversary off. He left on Friday for a day trip, meaning he would be back Friday night but didn't actually get home until yesterday mornkmg, so he got some  extra time off and now, we'really jet- and place- lagged getting ready for a whirlwind anniversary vacation!

Seeing in DC... the Vietnam exhibit at the Newseum. My mom was in town this past weekend for Labor Day and I finally tool her to my favorite museum in DC. The Vietnam exhibit is really well done and does a fantastic job of demonstrating how drastically public perception changed once the media found out what was really going on in Vietnam. If you're in DC, definitely add this to your list. The seven original copies of the New York Herald published in the 18 hours between Abraham Lincoln being shot and when he died are pretty incredible to see too!

Loving... my mama. We had a great weekend together.

There you have it! What's on your list?
Can you guess where we are right now?

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