January 26, 2015

Love/Don't Love

1. I had such a relaxing weekend. I ran, I lounged, I saw friends, I drank beer. It was awesome. Love. 
2. Even though I started my job 3 weeks ago (today!), I wasn't scheduled for Orientation until this week. Today was a long day. Informative, but so, so long! Don't Love. 
3. Despite all of that, it's a pretty short week for me. Adventure awaits. Love.

Can you guess?
{image via Fodors}
4. I finally finished listening to Serial and my biggest question never got answered. If Hae was missing for three weeks (in the middle of the winter), how could they possibly narrow down her time of death to 26ish minutes? What if she wasn't actually killed until two weeks later? Then, the whole trial is irrelevant. Don't Love. 
5. My office got a fancy new coffee machine today and it makes the best hot chocolate. I'm also pretty stoked because the old one dispensed approximately 4 oz of coffee...because that's enough to make you function. Not.  Love. 
6. I ran four times last week for a grand total of 16 miles. It was awesome. I haven't had a week like that since November. Best part? I had a running buddy for every mile! Once with Andrea, twice with my wedding photographer/new bff, and once with The Pilot...who also signed up for DC Rock & Roll this weekend. Love.

7. I also did yoga three times last week...for the second week in a row! I'm seriously loving these Yoga with Adrienne videos and how they're helping me build a practice. My goal is to keep practicing 3 times per week (minimum) and then increase it, and eventually do that 30 Day Challenge that I never finished when I hurt my knee! Love. 

That's what's going on in my corner of the world!
What about yours?


  1. You going out west to ski?!!?!? If so, I'm jealous!!!

    Look at you rocking out the runs and the yoga, keep kicking butt, lady!

  2. Colorado? (The picture?) And I'm going to check out those yoga videos! We go once a week at our local gym and I love it, but sometimes I want a short routine to do at home in the mornings. :)

  3. Go you for working out and doing your yoga! Keep at it girl!
    Serial....Im still glued to any news that comes out about that case lately since it's kind of ongoing right now. I definitely think he never should have been convicted in the first place based on the evidence or lack of. I guess we just have to deal with what it was....:(
    Hope you have a fun time on your adventure!!! Cant wait to hear more!

  4. Serial drove me crazy too! I really hate that the trial was based solely on circumstantial evidence and hearsay. But anyway, I want to start running. I'm starting from zero though, so if you have any tips, I'd love to hear them!

  5. Wherever you are going, hope you have a great adventure!

  6. I have listened to 9/12 of Serial. Hooked.

  7. He's gonna run another half?! Awesome!! I know I'm late to this but yay for 16 miles AND yoga!!

  8. I'm supposed to be running cherry blossom but I'm nervous I won't be able to work up to 10 miles by then, so if you ever want to run with me I would welcome it! !


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