December 4, 2014


Feeling... good. I had an awesome run last night. As a result, I was on an endorphin high and didn't go to bed until midnight but that's ok!

Reading... The White Princess by Philippa Gregory. It's Book 5 in the series I've been reading. I'm not that far into it but so far so good.

Interested by... this article about the remains of King Richard III that were recently found in an excavated parking lot in England. I'm fascinated by this because the King Richard is a key player in the series that I'm reading. The article is interesting because it basically says that his DNA doesn't match who his father was said to have been...which is fascinating because his mother basically went around tellling everyone that she had an affair and that her son Edward, was a bastard, all to unseat her son Edward and put her son George on the maybe George was her only true heir? Fascinating.

Eating... a bagel. I love that my office constantly has bagels. It's great for those mornings (like today) where you just can't get yourself out of bed.

Watching... The White Queen...the tv series based on the book series I'm reading. I'm also totally hooked on Master Chef Junior and Holiday Baking Championship. I would be watching more Christmas movies except that ABC Family seems to think that only three Christmas movies were ever made.

Working on... Running, and it's going great!

Anticipating... our move next weekend! I think we're in really good shape with packing. So hopefully, everything will go smoothly!

What's on your list?


  1. That series sounds very intriguing. I've read a few of Philippa's books, but not this one.

    Great job on running, a running high is the best thing, right? I need to get back to it!

    Good luck with the moooooooooooooove! :)

  2. I haven't read any books by that author, but it sounds good!
    Yay for a good run!! So happy for you since I know that has been stressing you out! :)
    YAY for moving!! Hopefully it all goes smoothly--I know you two are looking forward to getting out of your current place ASAP!!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS MASTER CHEF JUNIOR IS MY EVERYTHING. Seriously. I haven't seen season 2 yet...but season 1 was so. GUH. It made my little heart burst and they're so talented. I can't even get in the kitchen without being afraid I'm going to burn the house down, let alone make a three course meal of fancy things.

    And yay, the move is happening soon! Good luck -- will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well!

    Sara //

  4. That's so fascinating about King Richard III. I love learning about history. It's all so scandalous!! I'm hoping to catch up on Master Chef Junior this weekend. I haven't started the season yet, but all the episodes are available online, so looks like I'm in for a treat!


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