December 3, 2014

A Holiday Gift Guide

Let's talk about holiday shopping. The spirit of gift giving is supposed to inspire generosity, but let's face it, for most of us, it really just inspires stress! This year, I've decided to put together a gift guide that I hope will ease some of your own holiday stress! These gifts are based on gifts I've gotten and given that I've really enjoyed. Happy shopping!

1. Monogram Jewelry Box - I bought these jewelry boxes from C. Wonder as bridesmaid gifts for my bridal party and they all loved them! They come in a few different colors and the monograms are a really nice touch. This cerulean color is new and I adore it. I might have to pick one up for myself!

2. Alex & Ani Bangles - Along with the jewelry boxes, I also gave each of my bridesmaids Alex & Ani bracelets. Everyone got a different one based on their interests and there are so many to choose from!

3. Flannel PJs - Who doesn't love a comfy set of  flannel PJs? Victoria's Secret makes amazingly comfortable pajamas and when these city print ones caught my eye, I was bummed I didn't put them on my own Christmas list! If you're shopping for someone who tends to get warm, they also make cotton PJs as well!

4. Monogram Tray - Who doesn't love monograms? Add this to your list for your friend that just got a swanky new place, newlyweds (whether they're still in a tiny apartment or not) or just anyone who loves a good monogram. I love trays and this Acacia tray from Mark and Graham is gorgeous. Best part? The monogramming is free.

5. A Bloggers' Cookbook - Every time I go to a party or family event, I whip something up from one of my favorite bloggers. Everyone than thinks I'm a fabulous cook and it's a win all around. Pick up a cookbook written by one of your favorite bloggers. You'll be supporting the blogging community and turning someone on to the wonderful world of blogging. I haven't picked it up myself yet, but I recommend Seriously Delish by Jessica.

6. The Art of Shaving Starter Kit - For the guys in your life. The Pilot got this Lavender Starter Kit as a groomsmen gift last year and he loved it. They offer a couple of different scents including lemon, sandalwood and unscented.

7. A Travel Guide - Know someone planning a big trip this year? Whether it's a honeymoon or a trip they've been planning their entire lives, guide books are an awesome way to jump start their journey. I've had a lot of success with the Lonely Planet books. Want to get really creative? Pack the book with some other goodies from that place.

8. A local Christmas ornament - I bought White House Christmas ornaments for almost everyone in my family last year and they were a huge hit. They come out with a new one every year which is awesome. Just moved away from your family? Living in a big city? Christmas ornaments are a great idea, especially if they represent something you really like about where you're living.

9. A copper coffee press - For the coffee lover, this copper French Press is gorgeous. I don't use a French Press but after spotting this at World Market, I just might have to.

So there you have it! I hope this list offers some great ideas for you to kick start your holiday shopping! If you aren't on EBates yet, you seriously need to jump on this! I've gotten over $200 cash back from EBates this year..and I'm not even that big of an online shopper! (Referral link)


  1. I'm a huge fan of comfy, flannel pjs! And I bought my husband, dad and myself that shaving kit when we were in the Vegas store. Sooooo amazing and the scents are delicious! My mom collects the WH ornaments every year and I'm thinking I might start this year, too.

  2. Love it! Especially travel guides!! Great minds must think alike because I have a similar kind of post scheduled for Friday :)

  3. I love the Alex and Ani bracelets--that's a cute idea for a bridesmaid gift too. I got an Alex and Ani bracelet for each of my SIL's for Christmas this year (shhh, don't tell them!) :)
    Love the idea of a local christmas ornament, too!

  4. Yes, I love Alex & Ani!! Great bridesmaid gift idea. :)

  5. I got Alex and Ani bracelets for gifts this year :) and I should really look into Ebates, I've heard good thing about it.


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