October 28, 2014

What I've Been Up To

In my rush to get all of our honeymoon posts up as quickly as possible, I haven't really updated on what's going on with me lately. Here's what we've been up to in October.

I've been sick. It's been awful. I got sick on the last day of our honeymoon and had the most miserable travel experience of my life coming back. I got some meds and started my job that week but never really recovered and ended up getting sick again last week. This time around was worse and I ended up missing three days of work. I still don't feel like myself and it's awful. I want to run and go to yoga and be active...I'm tired of putting on my pajamas at 6:30 and falling asleep on the couch.

We went to a wedding. Our dear friends Drew and Laura got married this month and we went to New Jersey for their wedding. They had a gorgeous day and their wedding was beautiful. We danced like fools and had a great time.

I tried zumba. One of my college roommates opened a zumba studio in NY about a year ago. I've been dying to take one of her classes and check out her studio but it's not too close to where I usually travel to in NY/NJ. When I looked up directions for the wedding, I realized that her zumba studio was 2 miles away from the wedding venue! I called her right away and was able to go to one of her classes. It was awesome. I had SO much fun and would definitely do it again! It's a great cardio workout and if you love to dance, it's perfect!

We've been apartment hunting. We've been in our current apartment since we moved to DC and we've been really unhappy there this year. Aside from a myriad of issues with the building's management, we just want something bigger. We move out in December and I'm just so ready for a new place.

I've been looking at making some changes to my blog. All good things, but I'm getting a little tired of the layout and in looking at different layout options, I started to explore a lot of other options. That's all I'm saying for now!

We watched the Marine Corps Marathon. My friend Emily stayed with us the Friday before the race and we had a great time. (She also beat her 3-year-old PR!)Between MCM and Chicago, I have major marathon fever. I'm not running the race I had been thinking about running last year and am hoping that I start feeling well enough to start base training for the spring marathon I'm thinking about in the next week or so.

Emily in her shiny new finishers' shirt
One of my big sisters paid us a surprise visit. She called me Saturday afternoon and asked if I had plans that night. Then asked if we could have dinner. She lives in TX and had popped up for the weekend with her boyfriend. It was so awesome to see her!

So that's that. It's been a busy October, but we've tried to have fun! I'm just hoping I can finally kick whatever it is that's been ailing me so that I can make the most of November before winter really sets in (hiking anyone?).

What has your October been like?


  1. Ive wanted to try a zumba class, too, but never have. I've heard it's a lot of fun!
    Apartment searching can be stressful (but kinda fun). If you need any help, let me know!

  2. Sounds like married life is going awesome for you! I can't wait to see what changes you make to your blog! Let's catch up soon--- Skype date?!

  3. Sounds like you've just been enjoying life!! YAY Emily on finishing!!! And that's so cool your big sis surprise visited you guys :) Always fun to have family visit. Can't wait to see your blog changes! Good luck apartment hunting and I'm glad you are starting to feel a bit better :)


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