October 29, 2014

Review: Mizuno Wave Rider 18

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC and Mizuno. I was provided the shoes for review and compensated. All opinions are my own.

I haven't been tremendously adventurous when it comes to running shoes. I ran in Nike for my first year or so of long distance running and then switched to Saucony. Sometime last spring, I started reading more and more about switching up your running shoes during a training cycle. Being injured, I did a lot of research, but wasn't testing anything out. That doesn't mean I didn't buy a lot of shoes.

One pair of shoes I bought was the Mizuno Wave Sayonara. The Pilot has a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspires that he loves and I decided to give them a shot. I haven't gotten a lot of mileage out of them because I've spent most of the year injured, but I was really happy with the few runs I did get out of them.

So, when Mizuno sent me a pair of the new Wave Rider 18s, I was really excited to try them out. They're have a great design and while I love neon running shoes just as much as the next person, I found the sleek, black and turquoise ombre design to be refreshing and modern.

Mizuno describes the shoe perfectly as hitting the "sweet spot" for neutral runners with just enough support for other runners.

The long-term stability shoe runner in me loves this...and found it to be remarkably true.

First, this shoe fits like a glove. Mizuno uses what they call Dynamotion Fit uppers which make the smooth mesh fit like a glove. That being said, I recommend sizing up in Mizuno shoes. I wear a half size bigger in Mizuno than I do in any other brand.

As soon as I put these on, I was eager to head out for a run. I took Peyton out for a walk in them first just to get a sense of how they felt, and then headed out for a few miles in my neighborhood. The first thing I noticed is how well they absorb shock. They have such a smooth, natural motion as your foot strikes the ground and lifts off again that you don't at all feel as though you're bouncing, which I've always thought to be a normal feeling of running. They're also really light and in general, feel great.

Weight: 7.8oz (8.2 for Men's)
Drop: 12mm
Price: $119.99

In the next few weeks, I'll start base training (more on this later) to finally start getting ready for my next 26.2. While I'm still running minimal distances (I attribute this to being sick post-wedding-and-honeymoon, as well as a hesitation and slight fear of just getting back out there), I definitely plan to add these to my rotation during my next training cycle.

Have you ever run in Mizunos? Do you alternate different types of shoes during a training cycle? If so, I'd love to hear what's in your rotation!


  1. That shoes looks good and fit to me. I hope that there would be available shoes for sale Philippines.

  2. Great review! I have been looking for a new running shoe and I might have to look into these.

  3. My first pair was Saucony and when it was time for a new pair I bought mizuno because they looked better. I wanted to love them but never really did and went back to Saucony.


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