August 1, 2014


Feeling... Productive...rare for a Friday in the summer, but...I woke up this morning and just tackled the day. Love it.

Reading... Lolita in Tehran. I have 80 some pages left and I feel like it's never going to end. I really don't like this book. It has no centralized plot, parts of it are interesting, and other parts are mind numbingly boring.

Eating... a cranberry scone.

Drinking... a cappuccino...which it is way too hot for.

Working on... our office move...which didn't happen yesterday. If you need recommendations for an office moving company, I can tell you exactly who not to call.

Anticipating... a trip home, a final dress fitting, and seeing my grandma, who took a nasty fall this week.

Loving... the realization that WE ARE GETTING MARRIED NEXT MONTH! Wow, I just realized that!

Happy Friday!


  1. Yay wedding next month!!! I hope your grandma is ok!!

  2. Boo for not moving, but I sure like the sound of a cranberry scone!


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