July 30, 2014

A Little Dose of Wednesday Happiness

This morning, I was discharged from physical therapy and cleared for fall marathon training. I'm not planning on registering for anything just yet but this week will be dedicated to formulating a plan for a late fall marathon that works up a nice, slow build up, taking into account the weeks I'll be taking off for our wedding and honeymoon.

Yesterday, I biked to work for the second time. It was a crisp, fall-like morning and it was perfect. Unlike the first time I biked, I didn't get lost!

My office is almost all packed up. Tomorrow is our last day in the current space and come Friday, we move to our new office in Chinatown...and with that new office, comes my very own office!

My little sister turned 20 yesterday. I can't even comprehend that. Now I understand why my older sisters all freaked out just a little bit when they realized I turned 25.

The Pilot and I with my not so little sister
Our wedding is 6 weeks from Saturday. One of my sisters left me a voice mail last night and I was texting with my brother this morning, and I just can't wait for the seven of us to all be reunited again.

The 7 of us with our dad at my brother's wedding last summer.
I'm going home this weekend for my final dress fitting. I just can't wait to put it on again. I keep reading all of these articles and posts about how you should definitely wear a 'getaway' dress and I'm here thinking...I'm trying to figure out if I can wear my wedding dress to the airport the next day (not really), why in the world would I want to change out of my dress mid-reception?!

It's a good day today.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I agree, I wanted to wear my dress as long as possible. I loved it, plus it was comfy! !

  2. Wear that dress ALL the time!!! Have you seen the 'Friends' episode where the girls are all wearing their dresses?! That's what I want to happen when I eventually get married--if you don't want to wear your dress all the time, then why are you wearing it on your big day? WEAR IT EVERY DAY :)

    Also, YAY for being cleared for running!!!!! :-D And can't wait to see pics of your new office!!

  3. Yay for the good news. Great that you biked to work. Not getting lost is key! Go ahead and wear your dress the next day!

  4. I'm sooo excited for your big day! :)

  5. Wooohoo for your final dress fitting, and the wedding being SIX WEEKS away! Super exciting!!

  6. Did the exercises you posted a few weeks ago ultimately help you? I have some IT issues going on and was thinking of stealing them from you. Thoughts?


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