July 3, 2014


Hello! Sorry for the radio silence, I've had a really busy couple of weeks! Here's what I've been up to!

Feeling... Busy! I was in a training last week that took me out of the office for 3 1/2 days so I've been catching up on work at work and busy getting all of our wedding invitations put together!

Reading... I finished Phillipa Gregory's The White Queen on the Metro this morning.. It isn't as good as some of her other books, but enjoyable nonetheless, and I JUST found out while searching for a picture, that it's a BBC miniseries!!! Queue Netflix!

Watching... Orange is the New Black. The Pilot and I watched three episodes on Sunday night while assembling our wedding invitations. I am also going to start watching The White Queen as soon as we finish OITNB...and when I finish Sherlock. God, I love BBC.

Anticipating... {hopefully} a weekend away for the 4th!

Loving... the shortened work week. I need a holiday weekend. Is it time to go on our honeymoon yet?

Wishing... that PT would be over. I'm running again...and fast too. Putting all of this form-correcting stuff together has me running at my usual marathon goal pace all of a sudden. It isn't easy, but it isn't hard, and I'm excited to start building my mileage up beyond 4 miles.

Hope you all have a fabulous 4th! 
I'll be back to my regularly scheduled posting after the holiday!


  1. I've missed you!!! Glad to know you're still alive ;) Hopefully the training wasn't too bad! And yay for running!!!!! Woo hoo!! :) Have a happy 4th!!

  2. Yeah for running and running fast!! Very excited for you!!

  3. How are you liking OITNB? Glad the invitations came along well!
    Have a happy 4th/long weekend!

  4. I read that last year (and pretty much felt the same way you did!) , but I had n idea the show was on Netflix! Thanks for the tip. :)


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