July 7, 2014

Another 4th of July Weekend in DC

One of my goals for 2014 was to 'Oops' my way to more places.

The reality of this year has been more along the lines of 'Oops...I didn't go to____.' In February, we tried to go to Hawaii. In May, to Geneva. This past weekend? To Texas.

I hopped on the bus to Dulles Airport on Thursday after work and about 10 minutes before I got to the airport, my flight got canceled. The Pilot, who was supposed to meet me at the airport after flying in from Charlotte, got stuck there overnight and didn't get back to DC until Friday around 5pm.


I rode the bus all the way to the airport and then all the way back home, wrapped myself in sweatpants and a blanket (it had gotten cold outside!) and watched cooking shows all night while working on our wedding programs.

Friday, I slept in until the glorious hour of 10:00. I took Peyton for a nice, long walk, spent some time cleaning my apartment and then started baking brownies to bring to a 4th of July BBQ.

<3 Friends
Lots of grilling and beers, corn on the cob, pie, and games of Cards against Humanity and Settlers were on the menu before my friends and I all headed to the Mall to watch the fireworks. I have to say, it wasn't Texas, but watching the fireworks from the base of the Washington Monument on the 4th of July is perfection all on its own. It really doesn't get much more American than that.

Saturday, I again slept in until the glorious hour of 10:00. The Pilot and I got made a trip to The Home Depot to pick up some stuff for a DIY project for the wedding. A few minutes there and then a short stop at Michael's and we were on our way to our friend Jen's pool for the afternoon. Pool time, movies and a late lunch/early dinner trip to Busboys and we called it a day.

Sunday, I slept in until the even more glorious hour of 10:30! The Pilot and I put on some painting clothes and headed to the parking lot of our apartment building with Peyton to get started on our DIY project. An hour later, we were done! I'll post photos + a DIY tutorial the week of the wedding, but I really thought this was gonna be an all day thing.

Post-DIY we headed out together for a 4 mile run that kicked both of our butts. (Sidebar: I can't wait until I'm running more than 4 miles again and have more to report on in regard to my running life).

After our run, we hung out at the pool for awhile, picked up some groceries, made delicious Penne a la Vodka together and called it a night by finishing up Season 2 of Orange is the New Black.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I'm disappointed I didn't make it to Texas, but hopefully I can get out there sometime before the wedding!

How was your 4th of July?


  1. I would love to see fireworks in DC for the 4th--sounds amazing!! I'm glad you were able to make most of the weekend, even if your plans were changed!

  2. It sounds like despite the change in plans you had an awesome weekend, got some things accomplished, and rested up. All good things in my book! :)

  3. I went once to the Mall in DC for the 4th and Steve Wonder was playing live while the fireworks were going off, this was my best 4th of July ever!


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