June 11, 2014

My New Running Routine

Last week, I told you all about my new physical therapy and how I'm working on correcting my form. Unfortunately, I couldn't get an appointment for this week, so I'm just working on putting everything together while I'm running.

My PT doesn't want me running more than 3 miles right now (which means I'm running exactly 3 miles, no less). I've been running during my lunch hour because for the last few weeks I just can't get out of bed in the morning.

I love running at lunch time. Good day? Bad day? Doesn't matter, it's such an excellent way to break up the work day.

With the new drills I'm working on, I really only have time to run about 3 miles, so here's what I'm doing once I get to the gym and get changed.

-1 minute standing on one leg in runner 'pose' position. When running, you're essentially standing on one leg, than switching to the other. The purpose of this 'exercise' is to strengthen my standing leg. I do one minute each leg. Eventually I'm going to work up to two  minutes.

-10 "ski jumps". These don't actually involve jumping. Basically you stand in the pose above, but with both feet on the floor. You tense up your whole body, and start to lean forward, when you're about to fall and need to take a few steps to prevent yourself from falling, you do. The point of this, is to get that forward motion going. When my PT video taped me running, he noticed I was arching my back each time my foot hit the ground, so this will help me stop that.

-10 feet of Penguin walks. Literally waddling like a penguin. I run with my legs to close together, this is to help me spread em just a bit.

-10 feet of skipping.

-10 feet of slow marching while squeezing my glutes the entire time.

So once I do all of this, I start running (either outside or on the treadmill). Doing all of these exercises beforehand basically gets my body prepped for running the way it's supposed to. I'm also doing a number of hip/glute strengthening exercises...well, I'm supposed to be...I forgot to do them all weekend...and this week...oops.)

When I get back, I stretch everything out, do about 5-10 minutes with the free weights, hop in the shower, change and get back to my desk! It's wonderful having  the ability to work out at lunch time. My office is relocating this summer...to a spot without a gym, so I'm definitely making the most of this while I still can!

Tell Me: What kind of warm up do you do before a run?

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