June 12, 2014


Feeling... ready for the weekend. I had a jam packed weekend with The Pilot's parents in town and this week hasn't been any slower. I'm in desperate need of some sunshine and R&R.

Reading... King of Cuba. It's a little slow moving, but I'll read anything that has remotely anything to do with Cuba.

Eating... a Cranberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bar from Cassie's cookbook, Cooking with Greek Yogurt.

Drinking... coffee...I don't drink a lot of the stuff, but this week, it's a necessity.

Watching... Orange is the New Black, Season 2. I'm only two episodes in. I absolutely hated the first episode. Twitter tells me it gets better. We'll see.

Anticipating... My next dress fitting with Mama...which, according to her, should be my last!!!

Wishing for... Our wedding invitations to put themselves together and send themselves off. I'm planning to bribe some local friends with wine and food in exchange for helping me assembly line our invitations in the next two weeks. We'll see.

Loving... The Pilot's weekends off. It's been four months since he's had to work on a weekend and it's been awesome. July bid packets are out now, so here's to hoping his lucky streak continues!

That's what's going on on my Thursday!
I've got a double date with Andrea tonight and am hoping for some fun weekend plans!
We'll see!


  1. Hopefully you get some time to relax this weekend--I'm hoping for the same after moving last weekend AND having in-laws in town!

  2. If I lived near you, I would totally help you stuff the invites :) Maybe I should just fly out for the weekend?! :-P

  3. Yeah for spending time with your fiancee on weekends!


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