March 27, 2014

{On Self Magazine}

When I graduated from college in 2009, I moved to Boston. I had never been to Boston, I didn't know anyone and I moved into a one bedroom apartment by myself and learned really quickly how to be an adult.

I had been a loyal subscriber to Self Magazine throughout college and maintained my subscription in Boston.

When the October 2009 issue came out (I still have it!), it launched the beginning of my healthy lifestyle and since then I've never looked back.

The issue featured a healthy eating was jam packed with breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and treats which taught my recent college grad self how to eat. It was a few months later when I read an article about half marathons and decided to try one. 10 half marys and 5 fulls later, the rest, as they say, is history.

Women's fitness magazines get shamed a lot in the 'healthy living' world, but I've kept reading...if for no other reason than that whoever develops the recipes for Self is awesome and I have a box full of magazines dating back 5 years that I diligently browse through every Sunday night to plan my weekly meals. I even have both of their cookbooks which are oil stained, flour spattered and very well worn.

I don't read fitness magazines for advice on getting a bikini body, I read them for the healthy tips they offer, their two cents on the latest workout trends, and for inspiration on cute workout outfits.

But that all changed when this morning, I came across this:

image from the April 2014 issue of Self Magazine
With this video to follow. Not only did the magazine totally mislead her when they reached out to her but this woman has BRAIN CANCER and was running for Girls on the Run...a group that promotes confidence in girls through running.

WHAT?! I don't wear tutus when I run but maybe I should. When I ran the Marine Corps Marathon, I wore black leggings and a black top. I ran 26.2 miles without ever once seeing or being spotted by my family and friends. That SUCKED. THAT IS WHY PEOPLE WHERE TUTUS WHEN THEY RUN. So that they can be NOTICED in a crowd of 30,000+ people NOT because the think it makes them faster.

If you can run a marathon, I don't care WHAT you're wearing.

This woman is awesome. The running community which I have come to know and love and be part of and respect is AMAZING. For a magazine that is supposed to support healthy life choices to publicly ridicule a woman for her own healthy life choice is APPALLING especially given that she is running for charity while battling her own illness.

I'm honestly mortified about this. Last night, I came home to a notice that my subscription is up for renewal. I won't be renewing my subscription to Self. I've learned what I needed to from them and can honestly thank them for inspiring my own healthy journey, but it seems that they've decided to move away from that...instead turning to snark to ridicule the very model of a woman their magazine should support.

Monika Allen should be on the cover of Self Magazine. Her story is a hell of a lot more inspiring than Beyonce's or some of the other celebrities they've featured on their cover.

So, Self, it's been real. I know for certain that I'm not the only one who is unsubscribing from your magazine. This? What you did here? This is bullying and I don't support that...especially not when it's targeted toward someone as awesome as Monika.

Do you read fitness magazines?
What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Wow, I can't believe they ask her for the picture and then bashed her so badly. Unbelievable!! I hope they lose a lot of readers.

  2. This has gone viral as it should. Horrible. That magazine is hopefully in big trouble as everyone cancels subscriptions.

  3. Wow!! I had no idea about this, but I'm stunned.... I have been a subscriber to Self, but I'm with you, I don't intend to support them in the future at any point. Obviously, the way they used the picture is appalling, but the fact that they didn't even tell her WHY or HOW they were using it.... who has the conscience to do that? So sad. I'm proud of Monika though! Her willingness and strength to confront the issue publicly it amazing! So inspired by her story! Thanks for sharing because I had not heard about this yet!


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