March 28, 2014


Feeling... overwhelmed. With 3 days left in March, I"m starting to feel like April is going to be an insanely busy month.

Reading... I finished the four novels in The Complete Sherlock Holmes. I think I'm going to hold off on the short stories because holy moly that book is long. Time to start reading something else. I may make a trip to the library this weekend.

Drinking... Water.

Watching... I finished Season 2 of Scandal. Man, oh man was I hooked. I think I"m going to stay in and start watching Sherlock tonight.

Anticipating... that my mama is coming to visit this weekend! She was supposed to come for the Kite Festival which was postponed to Sunday due to rain...but it looks like it's going to rain the whole weekend, so we'll see what we get up to!

Wishing for... nice weather. It snowed on Monday, was absurdly cold all week and now that it's finally starting to warm up, it's supposed to rain for the next 10 days straight. UGH.

Seeing in DC... Last week, I finally got around to posting my DC Bucket List. Check it out! With the rain this weekend, I might cross some things off with Mama, we'll see!

Loving... that I'm running again. That despite the rain, the 10 day forecast doesn't show temperatures below 50 degrees. That Mama is coming to visit. That The Pilot has weekends off iN April again.

Happy Friday!
Go do something fun this weekend. 


  1. i hear you on the weather. I can't wait for it to warm up and stop raining. I want to start walks with my baby girl.

  2. Yay for good weather and your mama visiting!!! I keep seeing that next weekend should be pretty nice, and I'm really looking forward to that for the run and the game and just the whole weekend!!


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