February 6, 2014


Feeling... like it's never going to be warm again.

Reading... Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenedies. I'm only 20 or so pages in and I'm not sure how I feel about it. The narrator will talk about something, switch to a different topic and then come back to the previous topic a few pages later, basically repeating the same thing. I'm not giving up on it yet, but we'll see.

Eating/Drinking... Nothing. I actually woke up to my alarm this morning and had time to sit and eat breakfast at home. I should be drinking water but I'm still thawing out from my long walk to work after the Metro decided to break down operate the way it normally does.

Watching... Downton Abbey and New Girl are so good this season. I really want to start watching Sherlock. Though, I recently downloaded The Complete Sherlock Holmes and am thinking about reading that and then delving into the show...that way, I can pick up Season 3 as it shows up on Netflix...which I don't have. (I know.) I also kind of want to watch Lost...although I think it would make me irrationally angry to see a bunch of people running around half naked on a beach while we're having this abysmal winter...

Anticipating... The Pilot's birthday is this weekend! I think I always get more excited about his birthday than I do about mine...which is next weekend!

Wishing for... Cupcakes. Goodness, I've been craving cupcakes....and sushi. I'm dying to go on a sushi date. Having a seafood-allergic fiance makes sushi nights a rarity, but I need to make that happen soon as I haven't gone out for sushi since I was in New York and that an insanely long time to go without sushi.

Seeing in DC... The Pilot and I have been wanting to go to the National Air and Space Museum since we moved here. Not the one on the Mall but the other Air and Space Museum in Virginia. I think it would be fun to head out that way this weekend. I've also been itching to visit the National Museum for Women in the Arts. I walked past it on my way to work this week and saw that they have a Judy Chicago exhibit that just opened and really want to check it out.

Lately, I've been working on a DC Bucket List of sorts. It's a never ending list of things I want to do in DC but I think I might post it on here...if I ever get around to finishing my in-progress blog makeover!

Loving... that PT is finally starting to go well and that I may{hopefully} well be on my way back to running soon.

That's all for today! It's supposed to snow this weekend. With my luck, this will be the snow that derails everything and by Monday morning, it will all be clear. All I'm asking for is ONE snow day this year. Just one! Or, you know, for the temperature to spike up to 80 and stay that way forever. That would be nice too!

{In typing this, someone tweeted to me that it is -30 degrees and windy where they live...so I guess we are in the middle of the heat wave by comparison. If you are in the same kind of place, I am so so sorry.}


  1. Im curious how you'll like that book by the end...I haven't read it yet and am hesitant about it.
    Ive been to the other Air and Space Museum (in VA) but it was a long while ago. It's basically just a huge hangar. Not really as "muesum-y" as the other one. But still cool to see some of the things that they have. Have a great birthday weekend with the pilot! I hope you get some cupcakes, too :)

  2. Post your DC bucket list. When I visited Em I did a lot of museums and stuff. I'd love to add my two cents. And Lost is so worth it!

  3. I'm always down to get sushi!! We STILL need to meet up!

  4. I went to the air and space museum in Dulles and loved it!! Have fun this weekend!

  5. I really liked Middlesex. Its been awhile since I read it so I can't remember what I really liked though. I just went to the National Museum for Women in the Arts last week. They currently have a quilt exhibit and my mom was in town and she loves quilts. The Quilt exhibit was pretty good, they also have a permanent exhibit of art by women in various styles from various decades, which was kind of random. The Judy Chicago exhibit is pretty small so you might want to wait for the free community day to go (I think we paid $10 each).

  6. I will reserve my review of Middlesex for now, and just say I am interested to know what you think at the end. :)

  7. I hope you give it a chance, after reading it, it became one of my favs.


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