June 6, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. 30 Day Yoga Challenge - I'm on Day 6 of my 30 Day Yoga Challenge and I'm feeling great. I thought this week would be really hard since I've had to take 3 6am classes to accommodate for the fact that the Mets have been in town all week, but it's been fine. I feel great, my skin is really clear (I have no idea if that's related) and I have noticed a very visible difference in my posture. I'm definitely sitting up a little straighter and it feels natural, rather than forced. I love this challenge so far and am really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the month pans out.

2. Running - A couple people asked if I'm taking a total break from running. The answer? No! Never! I needed to hit the reset button and take some time off. Now that it's time to start thinking about Marine Corps, I'm building a slow base. The plan is a minimum of 3 runs per week (no more than 5) topping out at about 30 mpw by the end of the month to launch into MCM training. When I'm not running I'll be doing yoga, core work, strength work and of course, riding BikeShare bikes all over DC. It's a reset and I think it's going to help me a lot going into MCM training while, simultaneously helping me avoid burnout.

3. Allergies! - Last night, The Pilot and I went to We the Pizza for dinner (decent pizza) and then biked to Nationals Park for Game 2 of the Mets v. Nationals series (10-1 win! YES!). In the time it took for us to get from the pizza place to our seats (20ish minutes), my tongue had started to swell, my lips puffed up and I had hives on the sides of my mouth. I went to the First Aid area to get some Benadryl and was basically sleep walking by the 5th inning. I have no idea what caused it! I haven't had a reaction like that since I was a baby! The only thing I can possibly think of is that I'm allergic to pepperoni and my pizza may have had some contact with pepperoni. It was so bizarre though and I'm bummed that I was basically asleep through most of the game and had no idea what was going on.

I might have gone to the hospital if I had had this guy for company


  1. Eek! I would have been wigging out if that happened to me! I am glad you are feeling better!

  2. Oh gosh! I hope everything cleared up! They probably used the same knife that cut a pepp pizza. That's my guess anyhow.
    Glad your yoga challenge is going well!

  3. Oh no, hope you are feeling better!!


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