June 7, 2013

Friday Finds

Kids, this is a good one. The internet was so full of fantastic boredom-killing stuff that I had to start this post on Wednesday!

1. Upworthy - I posted a video from this site last week and it's basically my new favorite website. They're tag line is "Things that Matter. Pass 'em On." I love it. This video,  in which Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly shuts down Lou Dobbs and Erick Erickson is gold.

Apparently, you can only link to YouTube videos on Bloggers so I've listed the Upworthy link along with the video from another source.

2. Whole Living 2013 Action Plan - Whole Living is Martha Stewart's healthy living website that I just discovered. The tag line is "Body+Soul in Balance." The website has a number of fantastic resources for clean eating and healthy living and I love this 21 day detox. I'm seriously considering taking on the challenge! 

 3. 31 Reasons Tough Mudder Races are for Crazy People - No explanation necessary. 

4. 22 Maps that Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently from Each Other - This has been floating all over the internet all week and it is genius. It's fascinating to actually put America's linguistic differences on a map. I'm glad to know that my pronunciation of the word 'pecan' is normal according to my linguistic upbringing.

5. Sandwich Monday: Dunkin' Donuts Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich - Have you heard of this new Dunkin' Donuts Sandwich? It is right there along the lines with the KFC Double Down...aka a heart attack wrapped in sandwich paper. From the Dunkin' website, "this savory and sweet breakfast treat, which consists of a fried egg and cherrywood-smoked bacon inside a split glazed yeast ring donut." What gets me is that they advertise that it is only 360 calories which drives me crazy because it leads people to assume that something that is low-cal is healthy. This NPR article offers reactions to the creation of the new "sandwich."

6. The Friday 5: Most Annoying Facebook Posts about Being Engaged - This is hilarious. I warn you to make up something funny to tell your boss when you start laughing out loud while reading this at the office. After reading it, I skimmed through the rest of Ashley's blog and am definitely a fan. It's the perfect mix of style, beauty and absolute hilarity.

So there you go, some of my favorite Internet finds for the week! What are some of yours?

Have a great weekend!


  1. This video is why I hate the news-- people just go on tv to argue about stuff, and I can't stand it! But, I did LOVE the way she shut them down. I wanted to punch Lou Dobbs when he called her, "Oh Dominant One." How condescending can you be, Lou??

    That detox sounds really great!

  2. Haha, did you see when the Today Show did a Tough Mudder on the plaza last week! So did not look fun. Enough with the race trends, America; let's just RUN.

  3. One of my friends was one of the first people to work for Upworthy when they started going viral last year!! It makes me so happy to see people retweeting and sharing stuff from their site now. And that sandwich? Holy cow. I don't know if I want to barf or scarf it down...

    And that detox looks really interesting, I think I may try it sometime soon!!


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