June 17, 2013

Love/Don't Love

Today is one of "those" Mondays that I'm trying very hard to keep it from being one of "those" Mondays. Especially when I'm already feeling a bit like this:

With the exception of Jenna, I think I am the only person in the District of Columbia who does not have summer Fridays. Don't Love.

I don't want to talk about it.

Let's talk about the weekend and how I wish it was still happening.

Thursday, after getting out of work early because of the impending apocalypse (aka a 10 minute thunderstorm), I headed out for a quick run and came home and ordered pizza with The Pilot. We were planning to go to the movies since are evening plans had been squashed by the end-of-days until Jenna texted to say that they were still on and off we went to the Congressional Baseball Game where the Democrats ate the Republicans for dinner scoring a whopping 22 runs to the Republicans' 0. Yes, that's right, the final score was 22-0. Love.

Friday night after work, I headed to yoga for what was supposed to be a 90 minute Chakra Restoration class and turned into a 2 hour long class that undid all of the restoration I did because I was so furious that the class went so late and made me late for my dinner plans. It's one thing to go 5 minutes over in a yoga class but 2 hours? Infuriating. Don't Love.

When I finally got out of yoga, I went out for Thai and a glass of wine with one of my favorite DC friends, Andrea. Then I came home and went to bed where I slept for 11 beautiful, glorious hours. Love.

Saturday morning, I met up with Jenna at the SW Public Library for their Annual Book Sale. We spent hours there buying ALL the books. I do not have photographic evidence of my pile but here is Jenna's for comparison. (stolen from her blog) We both bought about 25 books for about $25. WIN. Love.

I got back from the library...via Metro...with ALL the books...in a box...and in a bag...around 2 and decided that 2:00 in June was a great time to head out for a 'long' run of 7 miles along the Mount Vernon Trail. Thankfully, most of the trail is covered in shade, but still...it was hot..and somewhere around Mile 3, my hip flexor totally locked up and I had to stop and do yoga on the grass for 10 minutes just to get it to loosen up again. It was weird and it has never happened before and I didn't like it. Don't Love.

Post-run, I realized that *gasp* I missed my yoga class. I had thought it was at 4, but it was actually at 5...so I pulled out my yoga mat and popped in a DVD and did yoga so that I didn't screw up my 30 Day Challenge. It counts and I'm still going strong! Love.

After yoga, I met up with Jenna and Teri for margaritas and crepes on U Street. Excellent combination. We spent the evening on the patio talking about a plethora of absurd, random and inappropriate topics before calling it a night and heading home. Love.

Sunday, I took Peyton out for a run which went...interestingly. Then, Jenna came over to lounge poolside and soak up the imaginary sun that never came out. Once we started to feel rain drops, we called it a day and I went grocery shopping, came home and made a banana bread, went to yoga and then watched a bad ABC Family movie that I had DVRd, "You Again" before calling it a night. Love.

It was a great weekend and Sunday was an exceptionally long and wonderful day. Here's to not letting today be one of "those" Mondays and starting the week off on an exceptional note!

Happy Monday!


  1. I watched You Again yesterday afternoon. Love cheesy movies like that. Keep up the good work on the yoga challenge!

  2. This weekend. Beautiful. And you're welcome for the pictures and the gifs and the plans :) LOVE ALL THE THINGS.

  3. Jealous of all the books you got. Let us know when you read a good one.

  4. I am so inspired by your 30 day yoga challenge!! I wish I had the time to go to a yoga class every day, but I *do* have yoga DVDs that I should take advantage of more often.


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