April 18, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Running - In the wake of Boston, the running community has come out in full force to show just how much of a community we really are. Tuesday, after work, I headed out for 4-5 solo miles. About a quarter mile from my apartment, I spotted a group of runners standing around and decided to ask them if they were some kind of running group. They were a Meetup.com group that runs every week. I ran with them for just over 5 miles and spent the run chatting with Megan, whose blog I've now started reading. Not only is Megan right around my pace, but she lives in my apartment building! Hi New Running Buddy! It was great to head out with runners - complete strangers at that - and talk about Boston, about training, about life, about everything and realize that while this is why I run.

2. 42 - The Pilot and I haven't seen each other in a week. He came home late Tuesday night and we headed out for dinner at Matchbox and went to see 42. I loved it. I thought it was done very, very well. If you're into baseball (duh), American history, or just good movies...I recommend it. The Pilot wasn't as much of a fan as I was. He thought the movie would chronicle Jackie Robinson's career, whereas it focused on his rookie year. I thought that the choice to do that was more important to what the story represented - integrating baseball.

Also, I didn't realize that Harrison Ford was Branch Rickey until after they rolled the credits. It's embarrassing how bad I am at pop culture.

3. Spring Cleaning - My Spring Cleaning plan has totally fallen apart. I've been out of town every single weekend this month and am headed out again this weekend. I like to think I'll get done what I haven't finished this week, but that just seems ridiculously ambitious. We'll see though. It's been a long, tough week and I've gotten home late every night. I'd love to say that today, I'm going to head home after work on this rainy day and do some serious cleaning, but in reality, I'm going out for margaritas with Leanna and Jenna. Priorities.

So that's that. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to finally cross something off of my 2013 goals list and run a sub-25 minute 5k. Current PR 25:03. Then, I will spend the weekend cleaning and packing.

Oh and that list? In case you're wondering, yes, I have gotten on a plane at least once per month this year. Current total: 11 flights. 1 trip each in January, February and March. 2 and counting in April.

Happy Thursday friends.
Go hug a runner today. We all need it this week. 


  1. I love that all of are time goals are identical! I will eventually run a 5k and when I do that biatch better be under 25! Good luck on the race!

  2. I can't wait to see 42, I've heard a lot of great things about it!

    And that sounds so awesome to be able to just run with strangers and become friends :)

  3. That's a lot of flying!

    Good luck on your PR!! Hopefully we can celebrate it afterwards in yoga!

    Margaritas with friends > organizing/cleaning. Always. It's like cleaning your soul, ha.

  4. Margaritas are always a good life choice. And OUTSIDE!

  5. A running friend in your HOUSE!? How awesome is that!? Don't worry too much about cleaning, you are not at home, so who cares :)


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