January 7, 2013

A Trip to Texas and The New Job

This weekend was fantastic. The Pilot and I were up bright and early Friday morning to catch a flight to Dallas for the weekend for my baby sister's Sweet 16.

It. Was. Awesome.

There was a mechanical bull.

There was dancing.

That would be my dad. With my 87-year-old grandmother...who can still salsa better than any 20-something I know.
And there was so much laughing that by the end of the night, my whole face was sore from smiling so much.

Me and my sisters
It was the perfect way to end the holiday break before heading back to my first 9-5 in 2 years today.

Oh and this happened.

As far as the new job goes, my first day went great. I have a lot to learn but I'm fortunate that the person I'm replacing has left me a lot of information and resources that should make learning the ropes a piece of cake. I absolutely love my colleagues so far and think that this job is going to be fantastic! My office is in a fantastic location in DC and I can't wait to explore the area!

It was a great weekend and I'm so happy to have started my job today!


  1. It looks like your sister's party was a blast. I'm so happy that you're loving your new job...I hope your whole week goes well!

  2. 2013 is off to a great start for you!I'm very happy for you!!!

  3. sounds like a ton of fun! congrats on the new job!


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