December 11, 2012

Some BIG News

"So, for someone who is accustomed to documenting every inane detail of her life online, the past few weeks 6 months have been really difficult."

Katie posted this on her blog a few weeks ago and when she wrote that, I couldn't have agreed with her more. The last 6 months of 2012 have been entirely different from the first 6 months of 2012 and I've kept very, very quiet about it.

In May, I graduated with my Master's.

2 days later, I moved out of my New York City apartment. To my mom's house in New Jersey.

I had already been job hunting for 2 months and after a few interviews and no offers on the table, I started to get a bit well, desperate.

Fast forward to September...I had been out of school for 3 months and living at home in New Jersey with no job and no car. I was miserable. I had a Master's degree, good work experience, great references and I had sent out nearly 200 job applications, most of which didn't even yield a "Thank you for your application." I took at least a dozen (no exaggeration)  trips to DC to volunteer at conferences, meet people, network and try to find a job and after so many promising leads and so many disappointments, I started to lose hope.

To say the job market, and my prospects, were bleak is an understatement.

I so desperately wanted to move to DC, but the prospects were minimal so I expanded my job the whole country.

Desperate for an income, I applied to a retail job and started in September. Crazy hours and being exhausted after work left me with minimal time to devote to the job search...which is a full time job in itself.

In early November, I started looking at jobs again. My first day back on the "job," I came across a posting that seemed perfect for so many had before. I applied to it, along with 5 other jobs, and walked away having a pretty good feeling about this one, but taking that feeling with a grain of salt.

The next day, I got called for an interview. That was three weeks ago. As one interview led to another and I went through the whole process, I wanted to tell everyone about my excitement about this possibility that I increasingly felt better about the more I got to talking to the various people within the organization...but I kept quiet for fear of jinxing anything.

But today, after keeping quiet about virtually so many things in my life over the past 6 months, I can finally start to open up again because on Friday night, I was offered a job... Washington, DC. 


  1. Exciting! What will you be doing? I certainly know your pain, and the anguish of an extended job search. Congratulations on a) your perseverance and b) getting a job! Hooray!

  2. I love you so hard. I am so happy for you! Over the moon. You deserve all the goodness in life and I am so happy that you are headed where you want to be. I just know that 2013 will be great for both of us!

  3. YAY! That is so awesome :-) VERY excited for you!!!

  4. I'm a little sad that you are moving here just as I am moving away, but I am more COMPLETELY THRILLED that you found a job!! Yeah!

  5. A heartfelt congratulations to a very dear friend! So very happy for you - can't wait to hear more about this! xoxoxoxo

  6. YAYY! So excited for you!! Congrats!!

  7. That's AMAZING!! Congrats!! I can't wait to hear all about what you will be doing!

  8. That is awesome!!!! I live an hour or so (depending on traffic) from DC and I love visiting! It is one of my favorite places, you'll love living there! :)

  9. Yay so exciting!! I know how hard job hunting is!! Congratulations!!

  10. Congratulations!!! That IS big and awesome news :)

  11. YEAHHHHHHH!!! So very happy for you!!! Good things happen to good people :)

  12. Yay! That is so so so great... no one deserves it more than you :) SO happy for you!


  13. Gah! This is so exciting!!! DC is my absolute favorite place. Congratulations!! :)


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