December 3, 2012

Love/Don't Love

I literally just yelled out...It's Monday! I have to blog!

This weekend has been an absolute whirlwind.

On Thursday, I got one of those absolutely terrifying phone calls that no one should ever have to get. My mom was in a really bad car accident and was in the hospital. She's home now and she's doing just fine. She's up and about (even though she shouldn't be) and is feeling much better. She's going to be out of commission for a bit since she broke her sternum but she's doing ok. It was really scary and you can be sure that I've been saying lots of prayers this week.

Moving on:

1. The Pilot and I saw "Life of Pi" yesterday. I liked it...the book was better, which is usually the case but the film was done really well. Love.

2. I've been working a lot lately. I suppose that's a good thing. Love/Don't Love.
3. I feel like there are good things on the horizon. I hope I'm right. Love.
4. Registration for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler opened today! I will run that race this year. If you haven't read about the last two times I tried to run this race , you can catch up here and here and see why I'm so determined to run this year! Love.

5. We picked Secret Santas with The Pilot's family this weekend. I have absolutely no idea what to get my person. Don't Love.
6. I tried CrossFit for the first time yesterday and loved it! I'm sore in the - it hurts so good - sense and it is fantastic! Love.
7. Cherry Blossom Registration has me thinking about 2013 races! It might be time to put a race calendar up soon! Love.
8. I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet. Don't Love.
9. The Pilot finally sent me the pictures from the wedding we went to last weekend. We had way too much fun, and I'm already looking forward to the 4(?) weddings we have next year! Love.

10. Blogger told me today that I've used up my photo limit. Looks like I might have no option but to go the self-hosted route. I tried this once before and failed miserably. Any tips? Don't Love.

Well today's Monday and I'm off so I'm spending the day Christmas shopping and decorating!
Hope you all have a fabulous week this week!
If you have any recommendations for my little blog issue, please let me know!


  1. So sorry to hear about your mom! I'm glad she's doing okay though. You've got so much going on lately, but I'm glad to hear it! Look forward to multiple comments since I'm going to catch on your blog now since I have the day off too!

  2. I am so glad your mama is ok! :) I'm sure that was incredibly scary...

    Can't wait to hear your 2013 race plans!

  3. Good luck with the Cherry Blossom lottery. You are the 2nd person liking the movie "Life of Pi". I guess I have togo and see it too! :)

  4. Oh I hate to hear that about your mama. I'm so glad she's OK. I'll send well wishes! :)

    Girl, you need to get on it with Christmas shopping. It's gonna be here before we know it!

  5. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that about your mom!! I will be praying that she still recovers ok :)


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