November 14, 2012

Baseball Season

It was almost 3 years ago that I decided to set out on a mission to visit every Major League Baseball stadium. Initially, the goal was to go to all of them before I turned 25. That didn't happen, so I reset my deadline to the end of the 2012 season.

Well, baseball season came and went and, while I did manage to go to a few more stadiums, I didn't get to all of them.

I blame The Pilot.

Just kididng. Sort of. See, all through the off season, The Pilot was getting these amazing 24-36 hour layovers in baseball cities like Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Houston, and Milwaukee. I couldn't wait for baseball season to start so that I could start dropping "Oops" posts like it was my job and take off to all of these cities to nail the rest of those ballparks on my list.

This baseball season? He didn't get one. What!? I mean, he got a few, but they were all to baseball cities that I had been to before! His schedule this summer and my lack of a job (and income) made it even harder for us to jet off to random cities at our choosing, so my baseball adventures are pushed back yet another year.

I had a fantastic baseball season this year though. I went to a few Mets know when they weren't absolutely terrible.

I almost went to Johan Santana's No-Hitter...but didn't.

I went back to San Francisco with my little nephew.

I went to Philly and realized that I actually loved their stadium.

I went to Nationals Park with one of the biggest baseball fans I know and watched the Mets throw a game and screamed profanities at the players with Katie's husband.

I went to Cincinnati and watched Bronson Arroyo pitch a perfect game well into the 8th inning.

I went to All-Star Weekend in Kansas City.

All in was 4 new stadiums bringing the grand total to 18.

I'm just gonna go out and say again that I'm going to try and get in those last 12 before the end of the 2013 season. Why not? I've already got plans to go to Cleveland and run a Half-Mary with Holly and The Pilot is itching to LA. A West Coast trip in April for a spring marathon might make that happen.

We'll see. If I don't get to all of them, I'll just keep working my way through season after season. Let's just hope The Pilot starts getting some good overnights next season so that I can knock out the remaining 12 though shall we?

And in all honesty, I can't say I'm not sad to see baseball season having come and gone. I'm so glad the Giants won (my brother-in-law is the biggest Giants fan I know) but the way the Mets were playing after the All-Star Game was just painful to watch!

Until April...18 down. 12 to go!

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  1. YES! CLEVELAND!! :-D Totally happening. And I feel your pain about after All-Star break. The Indians just sucked horribly this year. Hopefully next year will be better for us both :)


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