May 2, 2012

Oops...I went to San Francisco

This weekend I went to San Francisco.


Remember when this past December rolled around and I had finished finals and was jetting off all over the Midwest? In less than a week, I hopped on my boyfriend's flights to Minneapolis, Chicago and Nashville. Going to work with Boyfriend is way fun.

This weekend, The Pilot had off on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. That's the longest stretch of time he's had off since he started his job in July. So when I had an opportunity to jet off to San Francisco, he was more than happy to join me and make his first trip to the West Coast.

We had a blast. It was hands down, the best trip we've ever taken together. When my brother-in-law dropped us off at the airport and we said goodbye, he said he'll be talking about this trip forever.

My big sister Zuzy lives in San Francisco with her husband and my little nephew who is the cutest little boy I have ever seen. I hadn't seen him since he was just a baby and oh my goodness, he was so much fun and absolutely fell in love with The Pilot. If there's one thing my sister and I have in common (actually, we have everything in common) it's that we love to entertain, so when she found out we were coming, she planned a huge weekend for us.

Up first? Hiking to the top of Mount Tam. Lunch at The Pelican Inn. Dipping our feet into the Pacific Ocean.

The Pelican Inn...GORGEOUS English cottage/inn/pub with great food and beer.
Me, Sis and The Little Guy having lunch at The Pelican Inn
Next up, we made our way to Muir Woods to see the giant red woods trees!

I seriously love this picture. Little Guy decided to go explore on his own. 
*Insert cheesy grin here*
After all that hiking followed by jet lag, we were pretty exhausted and called an early night. The next day, we  went out for brunch before the family + boyfriend went off on their own while I took care of some things. When we all met up again, my sis took The Pilot and I for a hike on the trail near her home. 

This hike was no joke.
Taking a breather with Sis!
We reached the top!
After our hike, it was time to get dressed up for a private party on a vineyard in Napa. Tough life, I know. One of my BIL's college buddies was turning 40 and decided to throw himself a birthday party on his vineyard. So off we went! The wine was fantastic, the vineyard was beautiful and I've decided that my new goal in life is to own a vineyard in Napa by the time I'm 40.

Sunday, to wrap up our trip, we took the ferry into the city to head to the Giants game. It wasn't my first trip to AT&T Park but it was my first game during the regular season, rather than preseason and the first time I've seen them since they won the World Series in 2010 so it was a totally different experience!

This is my nephew. I seriously can't handle the overwhelming cuteness of this picture.
It was the perfect weekend in San Francisco! I loved spending time with my sister and having The Pilot there made the trip absolutely perfect. It was the perfect way to continue my post-thesis celebrations. Now I'm back in New York (ugh), back to work (gross) and back to the job hunt (blah). But I finished my thesis. I ran my marathon and I just had an awesome time in Madrid, followed by a fantastic time in San Francisco and hey, until I become gainfully employed post-graduation, I'll just be Oops-ing my way everywhere.

Stay tuned!


  1. What a perfect trip!!! Glad you got a chance to see your sis and your cute nephew :)

  2. I totally love your Oops trips. :)

  3. That does sound like an amazing trip! "Hug a redwood tree" is on my bucket list and hiking is just about my favorite thing to do so I'm uber jealous! :)

  4. Yay for a great trip, and for another trip to a baseball park (even if you've already been there!)

  5. Sounds like a LOVELY trip! I am glad you guys enjoyed yourselves, I'd loveeee to go see the redwood trees there!

  6. So glad you had fun with your sister :) I wish I could go on oops trips... Enjoy it! Looking forward to the full Madrid recap!

  7. Looks so amazing!! I'd love to go to SF and see AT&T Park-- it looks so neat.


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